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10 best free offline android games that don’t need internet connection

These days everyone has a smartphone. We can do everything with this gadgets like watching movies, music videos, social media etc online. When we are alone and want to beat time some of us want to play video and other one like to listen the songs. But many of us want to play games on our smartphones. You can find millions of games on play store which are very interesting. You should know first best free offline android games that don’t need internet connection. Because most of the game requires internet connection to run the game or apps.

So if we have internet access than we have many options to beat the time . You can watch videos on you tube, play online music, and you may use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. But when we are at jungle or remote area where no internet connection even no network on our smartphones. We get bored because we can’t do above said action on our smartphone. So guys no problem, we are discussing top 10 best free offline android games that don’t need internet connection to play.

Why most of the games or apps don’t start without internet connection?

But you should know why most of games don’t play without internet connection. Main reason is ads. You definitely see different types of ads while playing game. These ads are the source of income for that game or developer. Whenever you click on that ad a small fraction of money goes to their account . That’s why ad developer don’t allow you to play game without internet connection. So we are giving you 10 best free offline android games that can play without internet connection.

best free offline android games that don’t need internet connection

best free offline android games that don’t requires any type of internet connection or wifi

1. Temple run

Temple Run is the most excited jungle and subway 3D game . You can run as fast as you can to be the best runner by escaping the danger. Run left or right to avoid the coming obstacle, jump over columns or broken trees, and escape from dangerous traps.

Temple run is a 3d game developed by imangi studios in was available for iOS system in get popular in short range of time and this app was downloaded in millions of times. Later it was built for android smartphones in 2012. It has 100+ downloads so far. It has 4.3 rating which is great. A 3D man runs through a 3d jungle and a 3D demon monkey types animal chase the man through jungle and you have to run fast without striking on obstacles. You may run through jungle, river, tunnel, space etc facing different types of obstacles.

It is very easy to play and you only need to tilt your phone, collect coins as much as you can. Tilt right to turn right and left to turn left. Slide your finger upward to jump over obstacles and slide downward to bend backward. You can choose different types of runners from the option. Its really a awesome game. You don’t need any type of internet connection. This game is absolutely free offline game. Complete your task to get reward , the more coin you collect higher scores would be. You can get different types of supper power like supper runner, different types of shield, coin magnets and much more. So download it from play store and start to play. You can see different types of temple run games here like temple run 2 , temple run 3, and now coming temple run treasure hunters.

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2. Candy crush saga

Other second most played best free offline android games is candy crush saga. You don’t need any type of data connection to play this game. This game is available on play store freely. Just install and start to play. You can also connect to the face book with internet connection but it’s not urgent. You can play this game and jump to next level without internet. It was develop by king in 2012. Since now it has been downloaded 500 million times. This app wears 4.6 star rating so far and to maintain this level is quite challenging task. This game is also available on iOS, windos10 and windows mobiles.

In this game player need to complete one Level to another level by aligning the 3 or more same coloured piece of Candy in a single direction.

It’s simple and easy best offline puzzle game. You only need to slide candy left, right, up or down to move the candy that’s why it’s so popular millions of people are playing world wide. Move the candy wisely. When you match 3 candy it blast and other candy fills this space. If randomly again matches 3 colors in same direction automatically than it blast against and it continues till all the candies get separated with each other.

When you or automatically combines 4 candies in a row than you get extra supper candy that can blast more powerfully. When you combines 5 candies of same colour than you get a new type of bomb which can destroy all the same colour candies at a single move. So you get unlimited fun and unlimited levels to complete. So it’s one of the best offline game for free. You should play this game to beat the time in the absence of internet connection.

Candy crush saga is completely free game but if you want some special effects or power you may need to buy its component. This game has also other type of same games listed below. You can download all these games from play store.

Candy crush soda saga

Candy crush friends saga

Candy crush jelly saga

3. Big Little Farmer Offline Form – Casual

This is the other best free offline android farming game. You can play this game all day long without internet connection. This offline game was resealed in 2015 by innovation drive studios. This app 5,000,000+times downloaded from play store. Big Little Farmer is not an ordinary farm offline game but you can play it all day long offline without Wi-Fi or any internet connection. You Build your own beautiful town farm, cultivate and harvest the crops like corn,wheat, cotton and barley in this farming games.

We can live the peaceful country life of a farmer and decorate your own farmland in family farm games. You sell your produce via delivery vehicle, fulfil orders and expand your land in this offline farming game. Its amazing feeling when you cultivate and grow your farm. It feels you are really growing your crops. To become a happy farmer you have to work hard day and night. Same here in this game, you have to take care of your cute farm animals like sheep, , goats, , hens, dogs, ship, horses, cows & cats by offline farm games. There is also your delivery system, a transport vehicle that will help you sell your fresh produce to the customers city and also neighbouring villages in this farm games.

This game is best free offline android games that you can play this game where you can’t access internet. So when you change mobile, uninstall app or clear data from app than you lose your game’s level. So enjoy this game.

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4. Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2 is a 3D offline game for android smartphones. It’s a shooter game which feels as you are shooting live. You can play with bots if you are not connected with wifi or internet. You can play with multiple partners with internet connection. There are multi mode feature in this game like Classic, Resurrection, Capture the Flag, Zombie Mode, Bomb Mode, Knives, Death match, Arms Race, Sniper mode etc. You find different types of weapon skin of 134 types. You also use 30+ Maps, 9 Pistols, 4 Shotgun, 6 Submachine guns, 12 Rifles, 5 Sniper-rifles, 3 Machine Gun, 3 Grenades, 3 Bulletproof vest. This game is also available on app store for iOS.

This game is available for these language English, Русский, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, 日本人,中国, Türk, Português, Indonesia.

5. Blazing Sniper – offline shooting game

Blazing Sniper – offline shooting game is a one of best free offline android games for all age people. It is a 3D action game where you have to protect your mother land and humanity from your enemy. You have different types of weapons available to destroy your enemy. This game was built and developed by Happy Fish. This is free offline game is so popular it got 4.4 star rating with 5,000,000 + downloads from play store. This game is easy to play and its graphics are amazing. Here you can find different types of weapons even super weapons freely. This is best offline android game which don’t require any type of internet connection.

6. Ludo king

Ludo king is a board game available on play store. You can download and install it on any type of your was released in 2016 by Gametaion technologies Pvt.Ltd. This popular game has 4.3 star rating by users and 500,000,000 + times downloaded from play store so far. Ludo king is a classical offline as well as online game. You can play offline when you don’t have internet connection.

You can play ludo with your friends or family members or you can play with computer or boat if you are alone. Four members can play in a same time. The game is easy to play. You have only roll the dice with one touch. Dice has 6 points. When you roll the dice , a number you get and your position get changed according to the number. So this the best free offline android games that don’t requires internet connection to play. Just install from play store and stat to play game with computer or manually with your family members.

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7. Once Upon a Tower

Once upon a tower is a offline free game for android platforms as well as iOS platforms. This game was developed by Pomelo Games in 2016. It has 1,000,000+ downloads so far from play store. It has 4.5 star rating so far given by its users. So it’s a very popular and amazing offline game so far. Once upon a tower is a vertical platform game. In this game you are a princess. You have taken on the top of the tower by dragon. Now you have to escape from the dragon and other enemies. After all it’s fun and action game. You would enjoy it very well.

8. Trial Xtreme 4 xtreme bike racing champions

This is the best offline racing game available for android and iOS platforms. This game was developed and designed by Deemedya INC in 2015. It has rated with 4.3 and 10,000,000+ times downloaded so far from play store. This is a 3D bike racing game with amazing graphics. You have to drive your bike carefully and you have to reach in destination in time to jump the next level. You may jump over bridges or over obstacles. At the end you will get all the glory. Ofcourse it’s a best free offline android games to beat the time and have a fun.

9. Red Bull Air Race 2

Red bull air race 2 free offline game was developed by 2016 by Red Bull. This game has 1,000,000+ downloads so far with 3.8 star rating. You can try your flying skill in this game. Red bull air race game is a flying racing game in low altitude with high speed. Its graphics are very good and charming which makes exciting. Its simple and easy to control the aeroplane. You only need to tilt right to turn right and left to turn left can accelerate the airoplane as you wish. You have to cross many obstacles in time to unlock the next level.

10. Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is a bike racing was first released in 2016 by soner kara. The is very popular in teen agers that’s why it has been 100,000,000+ times downloaded from play store. This game has been 4.6 star rated so far. This is a amazing offline game that don’t requires any types of connection. You can avail 29 types of motor bike with camera view. Sound of bike is real and the graphics is clear. It supports 19 language including English worldwide. Here you can run your bike with very high speed and you get extra points and coins. So it’s one of the best selected offline game so far.

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These all games are free to play without any game purchases. Yes some of the given above games requires internet connection if you want to play with your partners or others. But you can also play these all games without internet or wifi connection. These all 10 best free offline android games that don’t need internet connection can be downloaded from play store. If you like this post than don’t hesitate to share to your friends. Thanks for reading.


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