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10 most expensive android apps on playstore

A lot of people will not believe that one person can spend more than $500 for a single game or app. We do not recommend any person to buy or purchase these types of any apps but there are so many people who have a lot of money. They always try to do something new. They are rich people and money doesn’t matter. These types of app do not display adds and share data of your phone. You can show your status in a crowd. We are describing 10 most expensive android apps on playstore.

A list of excessive apps

10 .G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea – $40.48= ₹2450

This app is best for Korean peoples who want to know how to play wolf game. It uses GPS location and it guides the user how to play golf.

9. Web security space Life Price $91.98=₹4990

It’s anti-virus app that protect your device from Malware and other virus that attack your phone. It performs all type of system file scan and live real time scan to detect new , hidden and unknown Malware of your SD card and internal memory. If you want to block unwanted calls and SMS you can set your own filter system. It claims that doesn’t show any type of adds and use low battery and memory to run application.

8. 5-Minute Sports Medicine  Price $129.99=₹6400

This application provide the first and to the point guidance on any type of treatment of injuries during sports. It is written by the actual doctor that’s why its cost is so high. It provides around 300 treatment procedure.

7. The colour Atlas of internal medicine Price $129.99=₹8400

This app contains about 200 types of high quality HD images of different type of disorder of organ that may be any type of injury of your outer and inner body images that maybe clinical morphological radiological and laboratory pictures which represent the sign of any type of disorder. It doesn’t not require internet to view the picture.

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Top 10 best android apps 2019

6 Nelson of podiatrist
Price $203.99=₹9840

In this app all the article are written about the diagnosis and management of the genetic condition of particular species

5 Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed Price $194.30=₹9130.54

This application is designed to help the surgeon to get updated to the new technology that help the doctor. This app contain the detailed information about the the gynaecology, urogynecology and operation of vital organs like heart lungs kidney etc.

4 Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery Price $249.99=10100

This app is designed specially for the surgeon to teach the the common procedure during the operation of vital organs.

3 I’m rich the most expensive app Price $549.49=₹26000

I’m rich the most expensive app Price $549.49=₹26000

This app does not contain any special feature. We take it to the top position because of its price and its availability on the play store.
It displays the Diamond on the display of the screen of mobile phone.

2 the most expensive app Price $ 549.49=₹26000

It’s name is ” the most expensive app”. It also another app that is waste of money which display some type of text “You’ll see a shiny diamond on here ” on the display of mobile phone.

1.  Abu Moo Collection of six apps Price $550 each, $3300 =₹156000

This app also shows different types of gems. This is the collection of 6 apps and each app around $550.

All these 10 most expensive android apps on playstore apps are available on playstore. You can check their latest rates and also you can buy if you want.

If you found more expensive app on playstore than please comment


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