15 use of gmail account

15 use of gmail account

Hello friends in the digital time every person has a Smartphone and all the smart phones are based on on Android Windows Symbian and other software but Android is the 90% used in the world. So all the major companies like Nokia Samsung Motorola sony and all the Chinese company like Oppo Vivo etc also on Android platform. This platform is owned by Google and fully supported by Google. When you buy a phone then create a gmail . Here we are providing you a list of 15 use of gmail account

 15 use of gmail account

15 reason to use gmail

15 reason to use gmail

Play store :-

In android smartphone playstore is very important where you can find various types of apps by which you can make your phone really smart. When you first buy a smartphone first you want to install some apps which you like most like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook massanger etc. You can only install these types of apps from playstore only when you have a gmail. Even if you don’t have a gmail account, you can create new one when you open playstore .

Map or navigation :-

Every smartphone
Has a map app or you can install from playstore. When you open map you can get access the map of whole world even your house garden streets etc. You can get this only when you have gmail account. You can post photos to this map also.

Email :

Now these days email account is necessary to account opening in any wabsite by which all the information, notification you can get on email account. You can now link email to the banks too.

Spam protection :

It prevents all the spam emails to the inbox of your mail box.it has separate folder and you can also open that folder. You can here read spam mails.

Promotion :-

You will never bored while reading the emails because it has a separate folder for promotional emails from the merchants Flipkart E-Commerce sites banks insurance companies. These mail are auto filtered and you can read your important mail in no time.

Social media:-

These days social media give you instantly feedback to your mail box where you can get notification of your login like dislike share and so many more actions so don’t worry this type of mails also filter in different folder.

Geo location :-

Any website owner who want their site should have a search box based on location need API KEY. And this API KEY you can get from Google. And should have Google account that is gmail.


You want your website should be properly optimized and you want to submit your website to the Google search console.

Google analytics :

Google analytical tool is very important for seo of any website. You can get complete details of your page

Search :-

Googe is no.1 search engine in the world. You can get decent results on Google if you want to sign in to this gemail is required.

Adsense :-

If you want to apply for AdSense for your website by which you can earn money from ads by website. You first have Gmail account after that you can get the procedure how to apply for AdSense

Adwords :-

If you have a business or something else that is you want to advertise your thing to the website and mobile phones you should first you need to make an Gmail account.


All the email sent and received on gmail account is encrypted by HTTPS


You don’t worry to storage of your account. So you don’t need to delete old messages there are a lots of storage.

login facilities :-

these days all the website have a login facility by the Google Gmail account.

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15 reason to use gmail
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