Advantages and disadvantages of Harmony os of Huawei

Hello friends last month was the worst time for the Huawei company which is the second largest mobile manufacturing company after Samsung in the world. When last month Huawei was banned by USA and android refused to participate in software of Huawei smartphones. They were blamed to spy data of us citizens to China. That’s why Huawei company decided to become self dependent. So the company decided to launch it’s own Operating system. But it was not easy to Huawei to launch its own Operating system in small period of time to sustain its business. However in small period of time it showed its power and potential. Huawei launches its first version of OS in the month of August 2019 named Harmony OS. So we have discussed below advantages and disadvantages of harmony OS of Huawei.

You should know before buying Huawei smartphones these two main points about advantages and disadvantages of software harmony OS. Here is the comparison between harmony OS and android OS.

What are the main features of harmony OS?

First of all you should know the main features of Harmony OS Huawei announced it would be revolutionary step taken by the company and be best alternative to the android smartphones. Its says one day it would take the place of American company android which is most used smartphone OS in the world by most trusted company Google. The company’s CEO Richard YU said that this operating system would be compatible to all smartphones, car, smart TV and all types of smart sensors.

First of all harmony OS would be available to smartphones and smart TVs . Then later it would be available to smart watches and car units etc.

Harmony OS is an open source system. It means any smartphone making company can use this OS in the world.Huawei also wants to inspire app developers around the world to make a compatible app for this by making this OS available under open source. Huawei understands very well that more compatible apps are needed to make the operating system successful. Richard Yu also said that harmony OS would be very fast than android and would use low sources to run apps. Hence uses low battery consumption.

What are advantages and disadvantages of harmony OS?

Advantages and disadvantages of Harmony os of Huawei

Any best company or worst company have some good issues and some bad issues naturally. But incase OS Huawei., it is a well developed and most popular smartphone manufacturing company after Samsung. So you can count on harmony OS.

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Advantages of harmony OS

Harmony OS is micro kernel based technology. In this technology its easy to developers to develop the app. It requires low code quantity as compare to android or linux based operating system.
Microkernel also enhances the security of devices according to Huawei. So you are more secure in harmony OS than android OS.

  1. The operating system of Huawei harmony OS would be faster than android and other linux operating system. It would take action very fast while other hangs or get slow during camera opening, answering calls, playing games etc.
  2. According to Huawei harmony OS would be next generation OS with advanced features. It would fully support and compatible to the all types of AI technology. And comings new connecting wireless network 5G.
  3. Easy to develop app in harmony OS as compare to the android because it requires low amount of codes.
  4. Its fast than other os. You can play multiple games, use background appd running, no lag or no hang issue.

Disadvantages of harmony OS of Huawei

You know very well a new technology or company have to face so many problems to dominate the market. Harmony OS will have to upgrade to advance level according to experience or customers feed back. So it new OS you have to face these types of negative situations given below.

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  1. Android apps would not supported. You can’t share apps between android and harmony OS.
  2. You will have low options in app store to download the app. Because it’s new OS so there are very few apps available to install as compare to the android. But after some months or years there would be millions of app unavailable to support Harmony OS on app store.
  3. Its new OS so security matters. America a big and advance country is blaming about security. So every company would not use its apps to run their businesses.
  4. It might possible , American companies would refuse to work on this platform Where major companies are from USA you know very well.


Overall discussed in detail all about operating system of smartphones and smart gadgets. Harmony OS is good and new generation software but due to the ban of Google and all its products, it may be hard to satisfy or convince the customer to buy Huawei gadgets outside the China.

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