Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro

Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro
OnePlus 7pro back view

OnePlus is a smartphone making company from China. It is established in China in 2012. Since than it has been manufacturing best android smartphones which are more popular than others. In that popular series, OnePlus has launched OnePlus 7 pro. Its amazing phone that looks very nice and charming in hand. It is launched in 16 may 2019 . It has involved so many new technology. However you should know what are the Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro because you are going to buy a flagship smartphone which would be around 49,000 India and £799.

Advantages of OnePlus 7pro

Every thing have some advantages and some disadvantages (pros and cons) in this universe. If you get convinced after reading advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro you can choose yourself. Here are advantages or pors of this phone.

1. Very low price

Every person want to buy a new phone and get updated. But every person can’t get a flagship smartphone. However some takes on EMI or on something else. Because flagship smartphones are actually very costly. But the price of OnePlus 7pro is reasonable. You can buy and show your attitude and can grab attention from friends.

Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro
OnePlus 7pro front camera

2. Display design

● Beautiful and big display

The display of OnePlus 7pro looks very good. It has a 6.6 7 AMOLED fluid big display and looks amazing as well as impressive. It has refresh rate of 90hz. Which feels smoother than other 60hz display

● Notch less bazell less

OnePlus 7pro has a big notch less and bazellless big display where you can use full display without any notch cut. It looks pretty good in hand as well in low light area.

● Finger prints scanner

It has inbuilt finger print scanner for your precious gadgets security. You can unlock the phone by touching your finger on the display very quickly because it uses optical sensor for readings the fingerprint and also has a larger area for placement of fingers.

3. OnePlus 7pro has best hardware

OnePlus 7pro has included a best set hardware. It runs on latest and fastest Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM which makes this smartphone extremely fast. OnePlus is using the LPDDR4X RAM which is the best in the current market. When it comes to say about processor it has 2.84GHz+2.42GHz×8(OctaCore) for better performance in any stream that may be in gaming or multi tasking. It makes phone’s performance smooth while playing heavy memory consuming game.

4. OnePlus 7pro is using Pop up camera feature and back side triple camera set

Pop up selfie camera is trending camera in these days. Every one is crazy about this feature. It looks good and camera lens remains neat and clean. You can access full view of display for video watching. However there are some advantages and disadvantages of pop up selfie camera. The front camera is 16MP and back side you will find triple set of cameras. The picture quality is amazing. When it comes to say about back camera of phone. It has triple camera set. The picture quality of back camera is extremely good and you no need to buy an extra camera.The triple camera system involved a primary camera 48-megapixel sensor coupled with a 8-megapixel telephoto lens with 3X optical zoom and a 16-megapixel wide angle lens with f/2.2 aperture and 117 degree view.

5. Big Battery and supports fast charging

4,200mah non removable battery gives power to the OnePlus 7pro which is capable to run the phone till midnight. Advantages of this phone is that you can change your phone upto 50% within 20 minutes. This is because of the company has used 30W warp fast charging technology .

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Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro
OnePlus 7pro

7. Other features

  1. Colours available in nebula blue and mirror gray .
  2. Supports OTG for USB connections.
  3. Fast face detection to unlock the phone.
  4. Runs in latest android 9.0 version with oxygen OS.
  5. Noise cancellation with dedicated mic.
  6. Gorilla glass protection.

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Disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro (cons)

Here is the disadvantage of the oneplus 7 Pro smartphone that you should know before buying this gadget.

1. OnePlus 7pro is not water resistant

This is a flagship smartphone and nowdays on this segment almost all phones are coming with water resistant.

2. No wireless charging

It doesn’t supports wireless charging. These days every one is busy and late night want to play some videos, photos or surf social media on the bed. If there would be wireless charging facility with this phone, we can feel comfortable from low battery tension. And no neet to get wired.

3. No headphone Jack

Other disadvantage of OnePlus 7pro is, it doesn’t include headphone jack.

4. You can’t expand its memory with external card

This phone includes 256GB of internal memory however sometime we need extra memory card. But in this smartphone you can’t use external memory card.

5. No dust resistance

It does not certified with dust proof.

6. Does not have stereo sound

It doesn’t supports stereo sound being a flagship smartphone.

Now you have read all about Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro. You can now think yourself, should you buy this one or go for some other smartphones company which is more advance than OnePlus 7pro. One thing you should keep in mind that no one smartphone fulfill every requirement because its natural phenomena or tendency of human. But in this price segment this phone is very good and overall performance of smartphones is good.

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