Best AC buying guide for the new customers with types of air conditioner

Best AC buying guide for the new customers with types of air conditioner
Split AC

Hello new customers or who built new home in recent. Its summer, you are worrying because of excessive rise in temperature. Ofcourse you have a fan in each room. It will feel you as your room is cooling down when fan is running. But actually what happens itwhen you start fan obviously when air blows through your body. It absorbs heat from your body and you feel cool. In this way air does not get cool and it circulate inside the room. Now you have one option of getting a new AC system for your living room. There are so many AC manufacturing companies. Thousands of AC models in the market. So new customer get confused. No problem We have written all about on Best AC buying guide for the new customers

What is air conditioning or AC?

First of all we should know before buying an AC what is air conditioning system or AC by which a room get cooled. We can define it in this way that its a mechanical way of regulating the humidity, temperature and air quality of a specific room. It can regulate the temperature of your room as well as air pollutants like pollen, dirt, smoke etc. In summer days it passes cool air inside the room from outside .

But in winter days outer temperature is about to zero. You can rise temperature of your living room by switching the blower of your AC because it has inbuilt temperature regulater. These days there are so many types of auto control AC, WiFi connected AC by which you can operate your AC remotely.

How to choose air conditioner or How to choose AC?

You are right who is thinking about how to choose suitable AC for your Living room. After all you are investing money on AC not wasting. Do search before buying a AC. No problem we are giving you a valid on information how to choose air conditioner.

How much money you can spend?

In this world there are so many types of family in the basis of poor, lower class, middle class, rich and richest families (on the basis of income). So money matters for poor, lower class and middle class. If you are rich and richest family than no problem. You can afford any type of AC. So make your budget and search for best AC on that price range.

  • Window air conditioner (AC) these types of AC are base models. These are chipper than others. In this type of window AC you can avail these basic facilities like multiple fan speeds, adjustable thermostat, remote control,manual or electric auto control etc. The price would be around $300 to $600 according to the facilities.
  • Wall air conditioner (AC) window AC are slightly expensive than window AC. It would be around $500-$700 according to its feature.
  • Portable AC are also priced around $500-800 also.
  • Ductless mini split AC are more exclusive than others. These types of AC costs $900-$2000 on the basis of its features. These are more comfortable than others. And these are noiseless, energy efficient and also looks good in your room.

Energy efficient AC

Probably this is summer and you have to kept on whole day and may be in night. AC is a electronic device that’s why you have to think about the bill of electricity. You should know which type of AC device is energy efficient. There are mainly two types of AC .

Inverter AC

Inverter AC doesn’t mean that it would work during electricity cuts. It uses inverter technology in which ac is converted to DC volt and used to regulate the compressor. Inverter AC are supposed to be energy efficient. It actually doesn’t stop the compressor when temperature of room reaches to to the desired level but it stabilizes the temperature around that point. And consume less electricity. So low electricity bill you will have to pay.

Non inverter AC

In other hand non inverter AC it stops when temperature reaches desired point after some time it starts itself when temperature rises. It continuously works like on-off-on-off… Actually when motor starts it consumes electricity at peak levels and comes to normal after some time this process is repeated . In this way it consumes high energy and gives high electricity bill.

Which AC is best for your room ?

There are mainly three types of AC. We are giving description of each. You have to choose yourself according to your room condition.

Split AC

As name represents split AC consists two unit. One unit inner and other unit is placed outside side the room . Inner unit has a blower,remote control, wifi control and many other and outer one has a compressor and condenser. These two units are connected with a long pipe. By this pipe inner unit gets cool and fresh air from outside unit. Split AC are quite expensive. Its installment and accessories are also expensive.

Split AC
Split AC

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Window AC

Window AC has a single unit. It has a blower facing inside and a compressor and condenser outside. It is installed only on the windows.

Window AC
Window AC

Portable AC

Portable AC are more comfortable and you can take it anywhere and switch on there. Only you have to manage a space to keep it there. It can’t get fresh air . It cools inner air only

Portable AC
Portable AC

Best ac brand in the world/ Top ac brands


Daikin company is one of the well known in the world. This is Japanese company standing on the top position in air conditioner technology. This companies AC are more comfortable and more energy efficient with inverter AC technology.


Hitachi is also Japanese company based in Tokyo. This company has won the millions of customers trust by it art of technology on affordable price. This company worked on self cleaning and inverter technology.

Blue star

Blue star is one of the best AC making company started in 1943. This companies AC are more comfortable, affordable, having latest design and good service providing quality.


Carrier company is one of the oldest company started in 1920 by Bills carrier. It is all well known company worldwide and have good reputation in its customer.


Whirlpool has headquarter in Michigan. It is the best leading company in the world when it comes to say about best air conditioner.


Voltas company is Indian based multinational company started in 1954 . Its headquarter situated in Mumbai India.


This company is also a Japanese company founded in 1918.



These two companies originally from south Korea. And well known in the world. These companies are almost making all home appliances and all products are most popular in customers.

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What is Cooling capacity of AC

Split AC  outer part
Split AC outer part

Cooling capacity of AC is measured in British thermal units (BTUs) . When you install new AC you can see cooling capacity of AC in either in tons or BTUs. 1 ton is equals to 12000 BTUs. Mainly AC are categories 1 ton to 5 ton ac.

Before ending “Best AC buying guide for the new customers ” you should know these

  • If your room has direct sun light effect than you should buy atleast 1.5 ton capacity AC otherwise you can buy 1 ton AC this is for 150 square foot room.
  • If you want to install in hall than buy more than 2 ton AC
  • Mainly AC comes with copper and aluminum coils. Aluminum coils are cheaper than copper but aluminum coils are non repairable after getting hole. Copper coils can be welded.

Star rating system of AC

Star rating in AC helps the buyer to identify that which AC consumes low electricity. This type of ranking is given by Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Star rating is given from 1 star to 5 star where 1 stars means consumes high energy thus high electricity bill and 5 star means low electricity consumption low electricity bill.

How much ton AC requires a room ?

You can select AC according to the size of the room the list is given below.

  • 90 square feet requires 0.8 ton AC
  • 90 -120 square feet room requires 1 ton AC
  • 120-180 square feet room requires 1.5 ton AC
  • More than 180 square feet room requires 2 ton AC
  • A big hall may require several units of AC

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