How to change photo background online

how to change background of a picture 2019

Hello friends there are so many person who daily change the profile picture on social media and also they want to change the background of a picture and change the new one with some scenery , background picture of historical places , smart cities ,foreign countries cities etc.

See this picture , you can change the background of this picture by installing the photoshop or so many application but for that you will have to download the software and install to your phone or laptop computer . It’s all boring and time consuming. Then what can we do ?

How to change background of any image gives you this facility you have to open this website and upload your photo.

After opening this website, you will have option for changing the background of a picture. First you have to upload your photo on your computer laptop or mobile phone directly or second option is, you can type your photos link here and it will process automatically.

When uploading finished you will have this type of option. You can see here on screen shot. You can change the background colour, red, white or something else and you can directly upload new image to set in behind. The main picture that look like background picture. After you finish background image uplod. we can download it directly by clicking download button orī you can download image

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