How to check internet speed of your network

How to check your internet speed online

Speed speed of internet is important in this digital Era because we want be online on spare time that maybe for video watching on YouTube or social media like Facebook , Twitter and many more websites but meanwhile if you website not open lesson in 3 seconds we get angry and we kick our smartphone laptop pc and we waste our time on slow network. And we should check your internet speed online .

In in India after coming jio Telecom company all the telecom company cut their internet prices now we can avail internet plan in cheaper rates .but what happens when we start browsing some application its take so much time sometime it hangs up because of the internet speed and the Telecom companies are saying they are the best telecom company and they have super fast network.

No problem we are more smarter than they . We have so many websites on internet they can help us to measure the speed of the internet . Just click on the link showing below and check your internet speed online

check your internet speed online
screen capture
check your internet speed online

You can know download and upload speed of your network.

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