How to use google services on roku

How to use google services on roku

Roku devices are much popular in USA and UK. These devices are used to stream content on TV. Similarly it can also use to stream online content, Google music, videos and also a web browser. So today we will discuss here How to use google services on roku. Here we would include google services like google photos, google search, google play, google music, google music and TV.

How to use google services on roku

As we all know roku devices are very popular in the market. Also these devices support all the major streaming devices. You shouldn’t any issue in connecting the devices. To use google services you have to install roku movies app from play store to see movies, listen music and watch TV channels. Visit the official website of roku. After installing the roku app you will have to connect your account with gmail. While creating account on roku you may have to asked your payment details. But you won’t charged unless you order somthing from here. It may not work outside the USA and UK.

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There is no official app or support by google to play google music, google search etc. However you can cast your smartphones screen on your screen by third party solutions like miracast. To use this service your phone or laptop and roku device must be in same wi-fi network. If you want to know more on how to work miracast you can search on google. Same way you can mirror or stream your all content to a big screen using roku.


Roku devices are used to stream the online videos, TV channels, or netflix videos. You csn enjoy its high quality videos on HD or 4K screen. Its easy to connect to the screen by using roku stik. Thats why its so popular This is all how to use google services on roku by installing the app or using miracast.

Latest update of windows 10 has a bug issue that could break VPN service

Hello guys our favorite system Microsoft windows 10 was last updated in 10 may of 2019. But you would be surprised by knowing that windows 10 has a bug issue.

Windows 10 has a bug issue
Windows 10 bug problem

However Microsoft announced that windows 10 has a bug that can interrupt the VPN (vertual private network) service. This bug can affect remote access connection manager which is also called RASMAN which is used to manage the connection of VPN.

Millions of users are using windows 10 around the world. Most of the users are using VPN to access the internet. So millions of users would be affected directly by this bug. It would also affect windows 10 latest version released in June 27, 2019.

Remote access connection manager (RASMAN) also may crash or stop work and you would receive an error “0xc00______5” if any user configures the setting of VPN to “always on” or “automatically connect “

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Microsoft has already stated that they are working on windows 10 bug issue and they will remove this bug in next update of windows 10. But they haven’t specified date of update.

Top 10 best spy apps for android and iPhones

Some people want to spy over their kids, friends and life partner. And other ones want to read secret messages on their phone. There are so many spy apps on play store and all store. But it is quite impossible to search best spy app on play store. We do not have much time to check every app. So we are providing you today 10 best spy apps for android and iPhones. 10 best spy apps on play store and app store.

Top 10 best spy apps for android and iPhones

What is 5G network and technology

Using of spy apps are totally legal and you can save you child from cyberbullying by keeping a third eye on your child.

There are so many spy apps available on market. Using these spy apps you can read Facebook messages, phone’s GPS location, photos, videos etc from phone remotely. Only you have to install these apps on your desired mobile phone.

Let’s know top 10 best spy apps for android and iPhones.

Top 10 spy apps for android and iPhones

1. Coco spy

If you want to use best spy app cocospy app is best app. allows you to read text messages from the hosted phone.

Coco spy is so popular, this app is used in 190 countries worldwide. This app is using more than 1.5 million people. You can download it from play store and app store. You can use it to spy on your family members and kids because it allows you to read text messages, call details photos and other multimedia.

2. Highester mobile app

Using spy apps you can spy of any phone without touching it. And you can know the location of mobile and other activities remotely by using these apps.

Highester app allows you to spy over GPS location, multimedia messages, calls etc remotely.

First you have to install this app on targeted smartphones and complete all the login and permissions formalities. Now you can keep an extra eye on your targeted smartphones. This app is available for both apple and iOS.

3. Auto forward spy app

Auto spy forward spy app is also available on android and iOS. You can track GPS location, multimedia messages, photos, calls etc. This app comes with 100% money back guarantee.

You can get free updates for lifetime. You can get access data from tablets and smartphones remotely.

4. Phone Spector

You can track all the messages of Facebook, WhatsApp, snapchat and Instagram . You can also track location of smartphones by using phone spector remotely.

If you have doubts on activities of your kids, you can install this app on your kid’s smartphone and you can clear your doubts.

Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?


XNSPY is one of the best WhatsApp spying app. Yes, you can spy WhatsApp app by this app. This app is available on both android and iOS platforms. This allows you to spy over incoming and out going text and multimedia messages

Also this apps tracks GPS location, browsing history, call logs, emails and text messages.

6. Trackmyfone

Trackmyfone is also a best tracking app available on play store and app store designed for employers and parents. It is also a WhatsApp spying app for text and multimedia chats.

Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages

You can try below spy apps

  1. Spyzie
  2. Flexispy
  3. Spy master pro
  4. Guestspy
  5. Appmia
  6. Mobile spy


We have discussed all about top 10 best spy apps for android and iPhones. We are giving you all these types of information so that you can use new technology. Our intention is not to any type of crime. So use these apps only on your related personal in legal way . Spy on unknown person without any reason is illegal.

Do you know 3 most expensive smartphone in the world

These days every one is thinking about iPhone and its no need to explain the popularity of iPhone in the world. Recently iPhone 7 was launched and it was sold like a hot cake. But do you about most expensive smartphone in the world. We are providing you a list of 3 most expensive smartphone in the world below

3 most expensive smartphone in the world
Most expensive smartphone

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond – $48.5 million

Most expensive smartphone making company Falcon is a luxury brand of US which is making a super luxury smartphone in the world. Falcon released new smartphone in 2018 named Falcon Supernova iPhone 6. Pink Diamond of its back makes it perfect and charming. Its price is $48.5 million ( 4.85 crore INR).

You like this phone and can’t afford this phone then you can go for its another version which comes with blue ($32 million )and orange ($42 million) diamond iPhone.

Pop up camera advantages and disadvantages

iPhone 5 Black Diamond — $15 million

This smartphone is the second most expensive smartphone in the world. This phone is made using 134 gram carat of solid gold. It has also 600 white diamond. Its display looks good because it uses sapphire. Its cost is about $15 million which is equal to 1.5crore Indian rupees.

Amosu Call for Diamond iPhone 6 — $2 million

If yo can’t afford above two listed most expensive smartphone than you can go with this third one. Amosu Call for Diamond iPhone is a best smartphone. It has 600 diamonds on it’s back side.

Most expensive android apps

These all discussed above are 3 most expensive smartphone in the world. However I do not recommend you to buy these smartphones because you can buy a big house ,land, or something else by same money. This is all for your knowledge. But no matter in case of richest people in the world. Richest person has no issue of money infact these types of gadgets makes them perfect.

Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro

Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro
OnePlus 7pro back view

OnePlus is a smartphone making company from China. It is established in China in 2012. Since than it has been manufacturing best android smartphones which are more popular than others. In that popular series, OnePlus has launched OnePlus 7 pro. Its amazing phone that looks very nice and charming in hand. It is launched in 16 may 2019 . It has involved so many new technology. However you should know what are the Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro because you are going to buy a flagship smartphone which would be around 49,000 India and £799.

Advantages of OnePlus 7pro

Every thing have some advantages and some disadvantages (pros and cons) in this universe. If you get convinced after reading advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro you can choose yourself. Here are advantages or pors of this phone.

1. Very low price

Every person want to buy a new phone and get updated. But every person can’t get a flagship smartphone. However some takes on EMI or on something else. Because flagship smartphones are actually very costly. But the price of OnePlus 7pro is reasonable. You can buy and show your attitude and can grab attention from friends.

Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro
OnePlus 7pro front camera

2. Display design

● Beautiful and big display

The display of OnePlus 7pro looks very good. It has a 6.6 7 AMOLED fluid big display and looks amazing as well as impressive. It has refresh rate of 90hz. Which feels smoother than other 60hz display

● Notch less bazell less

OnePlus 7pro has a big notch less and bazellless big display where you can use full display without any notch cut. It looks pretty good in hand as well in low light area.

● Finger prints scanner

It has inbuilt finger print scanner for your precious gadgets security. You can unlock the phone by touching your finger on the display very quickly because it uses optical sensor for readings the fingerprint and also has a larger area for placement of fingers.

3. OnePlus 7pro has best hardware

OnePlus 7pro has included a best set hardware. It runs on latest and fastest Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM which makes this smartphone extremely fast. OnePlus is using the LPDDR4X RAM which is the best in the current market. When it comes to say about processor it has 2.84GHz+2.42GHz×8(OctaCore) for better performance in any stream that may be in gaming or multi tasking. It makes phone’s performance smooth while playing heavy memory consuming game.

4. OnePlus 7pro is using Pop up camera feature and back side triple camera set

Pop up selfie camera is trending camera in these days. Every one is crazy about this feature. It looks good and camera lens remains neat and clean. You can access full view of display for video watching. However there are some advantages and disadvantages of pop up selfie camera. The front camera is 16MP and back side you will find triple set of cameras. The picture quality is amazing. When it comes to say about back camera of phone. It has triple camera set. The picture quality of back camera is extremely good and you no need to buy an extra camera.The triple camera system involved a primary camera 48-megapixel sensor coupled with a 8-megapixel telephoto lens with 3X optical zoom and a 16-megapixel wide angle lens with f/2.2 aperture and 117 degree view.

5. Big Battery and supports fast charging

4,200mah non removable battery gives power to the OnePlus 7pro which is capable to run the phone till midnight. Advantages of this phone is that you can change your phone upto 50% within 20 minutes. This is because of the company has used 30W warp fast charging technology .

How hackers hack our smart phones

Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro
OnePlus 7pro

7. Other features

  1. Colours available in nebula blue and mirror gray .
  2. Supports OTG for USB connections.
  3. Fast face detection to unlock the phone.
  4. Runs in latest android 9.0 version with oxygen OS.
  5. Noise cancellation with dedicated mic.
  6. Gorilla glass protection.

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Disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro (cons)

Here is the disadvantage of the oneplus 7 Pro smartphone that you should know before buying this gadget.

1. OnePlus 7pro is not water resistant

This is a flagship smartphone and nowdays on this segment almost all phones are coming with water resistant.

2. No wireless charging

It doesn’t supports wireless charging. These days every one is busy and late night want to play some videos, photos or surf social media on the bed. If there would be wireless charging facility with this phone, we can feel comfortable from low battery tension. And no neet to get wired.

3. No headphone Jack

Other disadvantage of OnePlus 7pro is, it doesn’t include headphone jack.

4. You can’t expand its memory with external card

This phone includes 256GB of internal memory however sometime we need extra memory card. But in this smartphone you can’t use external memory card.

5. No dust resistance

It does not certified with dust proof.

6. Does not have stereo sound

It doesn’t supports stereo sound being a flagship smartphone.

Now you have read all about Advantages and disadvantages of OnePlus 7pro. You can now think yourself, should you buy this one or go for some other smartphones company which is more advance than OnePlus 7pro. One thing you should keep in mind that no one smartphone fulfill every requirement because its natural phenomena or tendency of human. But in this price segment this phone is very good and overall performance of smartphones is good.

Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages

Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages
Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages

Hello guys these days there are so many smartphones in the market. Every one want to buy a new and latest smartphone. But every one can’t afford to have a best smartphone. When it comes to check online prices of that special model in online store like Flipkart, Amazon Snapdeal etc. The cheapest price would be refurbished smartphones. However its clearly mentioned about refurbished . But many of us don’t know about refurbished smartphones. These phones are cheaper than its actual price. And you would decide to buy without knowing what are refurbished smartphones and Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages.

What are refurbished smartphones or what is the meaning of refurbished smartphones ?

First of all you should know the term refurbished. Many of us get confused about the word refurbished and second hand smartphones. Lets say about second hand smartphones. These smartphones are used and have no manufactured warranty or guarantee. But in case of refurbished gadgets, these smartphones are pulled back by the manufacturing company due to some technical issue. Some of refurbished smartphones are returned by the customers without any defect with in 30 days. After changing the mindset of customer. Refurbished gadgets are rechecked and reviewed its hardware and software by the company. After passing all the checks the phone is sold out by the company under refurbished.

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Refurbished smartphones advantages

There are so many advantages of buying a refurbished smartphones. Here is the list of advantages of refurbished smartphones below:-

Cheaper than new model

When you want to buy a latest smartphone than you should also see the refurbished units too. Refurbished phone are used by someone in a short time and returned to the company. These phones cannot sold in the category of new one. The price of these phones are very low as compared to the new one . For example if new phone’s price is 25000 than the refurbished phone’s price would be around 17000-20000. If you go with this one you can save money around 20-40% of the cost of the phone.

Double tested or rechecked in the company by the experts

When once a phone is replaced by the customer to the company. The phone checked again and again. Its hardware and software simultaneously. If any problem occurs than it is repaired at last the phone is passed to resale under refurbished tag line.

Eco friendly

Friends its great choice to save environment. Because these phones are recycled by the company at cheapest price and save the environment. Otherwise these smartphones would be dumped into the ground only due to the minor defect.

Disadvantages of refurbished smartphones

Every thing in this world has a negative value. So we should know these disadvantages of refurbished smartphones before buying a gadget. We are giving some key points below you should think .

Scratches on the body.

These phones are replaced by the customers in a small time period. So they were using phone for a small period and possibility is very high to get scratched.

Warranty period is very small

The time period of warranty is very small as compared to the new handset. If you get 1 year warranty in new model than here you would avail only 3 months warranty.

Accessories are not branded.

Charger, ear phones or other accessories may not from same model company or not genuine products.

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Tips and tricks before buying a refurbished smartphones

  • Always buy these types of phone from a trusted websites .
  • Check the warranty of gadgets.
  • Check the accessories.

List of website for refurbished gadgets

Now it should be clear about Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages and how and where to buy these types of smartphones. If you have still doubts about this topic you can contact us by clicking here.

Why flagship smartphones are batter than midrange smartphone

Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?

Hello friends, in this article we have written all about Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?. Every one should know all differences between flagship and midrange smartphone. These days many smartphone are releasing day by day by different companies in the world. Every one want to buy a flagship phone. But these phones are extremely costly and the cost of midrange phones remains half of the flagship phones. Read this article completely and you will have a complete answer of this question. We are giving some tips to justify Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones.

Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?

Three types of smartphone according to the price.

  1. Flagship smartphone
  2. Midrange smartphone
  3. Budget smartphone

What are flagship smartphone?

First of all you should know which phones are flagship smartphone. Flagship smartphone are those phones in which latest technology or trading technology is used. In simple language flagship phones are those phones whose price world be around 50,000 minimum.

What are midrange smartphone?

There are so many smartphone making companies that are focusing on midrange smartphone phones. These smartphone price remains around 20,000 to 40,000.These phones usually uses latest technology.

What are budget smartphone ?

You can buy these smartphone around 8,000 to 15,000. These smartphone are usually most popular and solid by companies in 2018. You can find average performance in these smartphone like battery, camera,processors , ram, internal memory etc.

Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?

Finally now you have good knowledge about what is differences between flagship, midrange and budget smartphone. Now it is easy to understand Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?

Midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones here are justifications below.

Price of flagship smartphone are very high.

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The price of flagship phone is very high. Some time the price of flagship smartphone is equal to price of a top bike. Definitely you will get better service or performance in flagship smartphone. But if you compare the price between flagship and midrange smartphone ,the price of flagship smartphone doesn’t justify its price. Because price of these smartphone are 3-4 times higher than midrange smartphone and the service and performances only 1% additional . Sometimes the camera quality and design are more popular than flagship smartphone. So flagship smartphone doesn’t provide value for money as compare to midrange smartphone do.

Quality of midrange and flagship smartphones are about to equal.

Nowadays the companies are making good quality midrange smartphone. We can directly compare the quality of both smartphone and we would find there are not much differences between to these smartphone. We would see differences only on price of these handsets.

Most of the midrange smartphones are similar to flagship smartphone.

Here is the example of these smartphones lets take midrange one plus 5T and flagship smartphone samsung galaxy note 8

Technology One plus 5Tsamsung galaxy note 8
Processor Octa coreOcta core
Storage128 GB64 GB
Ram8 GB6 GB
Display 6.1″6.3″
Battery 3300 mAh3300 mAh
Camera 16 MP+20 MP12 MP+12 MP
Finger printYesYes
Quick charging Yes Yes

For complete information

Click here

You can also see also pop up camera feature, on screen finger print sensor,AI technology, wireless charger, NFC, notch and curved display etc which is supposed to be latest technology, you can find in midrange smartphone.

At the end before buying a smartphone you should know that if you want to show rich status than you should buy a flagship phone and if you want to just use your phone for your purpose than you should buy a midrange smartphone and save money.

Now you have good knowledge on”how These days flagship smartphone are only the waste of money and why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?

How hackers hack our smartphones

How hackers hack our smart phones

Hello reader. We hope you are totally safe in this digital era. Every person has at least a smartphone. Actually what happens. When you get up in the morning and starts checking your notification and get shocked by reading a message. Because of a notification from bank ” your transaction was successful “. When you check your balance of your saving account you see someone withdrawn or bought something by you money without your permission. When you go to the bank than they do not take any responsibility. So we are giving very much information how hackers hack our smartphones.

How hackers hack our smart phones
How hackers hack our smart phones

What do you store on your smartphone?

In this smartphone our complete bio data is saved in digital form. Usually these types of data we store on our phone knowingly or unknowingly.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Phone no
  • Bank detail
  • Password
  • Date of birth
  • Bank detail
  • Address detail
  • Some time upload of document like PAN card, driver license or other id proofs given by Govt.

How hacker get these details from our smartphone?

Well guise, there are so many techniques hackers use to hack our smartphones. So that at least one can be caught.

Hackers throw false offers to tempt the user

To understand this technique, we give you a small example, say, you are sitting on the river side and there are many fishes in front of you but you will give some food or bait , so that you catch the fish as soon as possible. Not all the fish catch you, but a fish will be caught in your hands, then your work will be done.

Same like that hackers may contact you on call , message or email . He throws some false offer like these type of baits :

  • You have won coca cola annual prize of €5000.
  • Congratulations, you have won lucky draw €5000.
  • You are selected to join our team and you will earn … per month.
  • Earn money online and do this work
  • Earn from home and earn huge amount €200 per month.
  • I am dying due to cancer and want to transfer money to your account.
How hackers hack our smart phones
What does happen when you reply to a hacker?

What does happen when you reply to a hacker?

When you take interest on given statements such as listed above . Definitely you will click, email back or do same thing as hacker want to cheat you.

  • They may force you to visit some website so that you do same thing.
  • Somtime a hacker may force you to register your bank detail, your address etc.
  • He may further suggests you to download any app on your smartphone.

What happens when you install app from website?

These apps are spy apps. When you install apps from websites, it would decode your phone completely and will upload all data to the hackers server silently without your permission automatically. Now you you have given all the permission to operate your phone completely knowingly or unknowingly. Hacker now can send messages,read massage or emails from the banks, use your camera and many more using your internet. Hacker can get OTP from your bank too.

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How hacker use your private data to cheat you?

Well ,once hacker access your personal data than he research you personal life. If he finds any bank account than he tries to withdraw money from your bank. Because you are now under control of hacker. If he fails to get any money directly than he sell it farther to another miscreants. After some year later if you get huge amount in your bank than they can withdraw your money. If you are a girl than hacker hack your smartphone and all your photos may upload to porn sites.

How to save our smartphones from hackers ?

How hackers hack our smart phones
Hackers analyze the data

There is all arround the internet. Without internet we can not simplify or life. So aware while using internet and apps. These days we are using internet banking, e wallets and other payments sources to purchase the our needs. We are giving some tips which saves you from hackers.

1. Avoid installing apps from browser

Yes ,this is the main reason on get hacked smartphones. Because these apps are specifically built to harm you. You can install apps from play store. Here Google has optimized 90%of apps . However 10 %apps are not real. So be careful.

2. While installing apps see the permission taken by the apps

This is the second big reason on Hacking the smartphone. Suppose one app you are installing for note making. And app requires massaging, calling, recording, camera etc than think yourself something is wrong. Because you are installing the app for note making and app requires calling permission which is not digestible. So don’t allow this types of permission.

3. Don’t allow cookies from untrusted websites

Cookies are also third main problems which helps the hackers to look after your data. So don’t vist untrusted website and don’t allow cookies. Clear cookie time to time from your browser.

How to know hacker hacked our smartphones ?

See this video to know more

If you see these signs on your phone it means your phone is hacked

  1. If your battery is getting very hot and you are not using you phone . This mean somone is operating your phone remotely.
  2. If your smartphone getting switched off and switching on automatically and also dialing some number. It means phone completely hacked
  3. If your phone massaging itself with some codes. It means your phone has been hacked.
How hackers hack our smart phones
Small tips to avoid hackers hack our smartphones

Small tips to avoid hackers hack our smartphones

Follow these tips to save your smartphone from hackers

  1. Only install apps from Play Store.
  2. Do not share your personal information on untrusted websites.
  3. Don’t reply to untrusted emails.
  4. Don’t install apps on someone’s recommendation.
  5. Do not share your emails passwords, usernames, internet banking password and username etc.
  6. Do not save your password, usernames, id cards on your phone memory.
  7. Be careful be safe.

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Split AC buying guide

Split AC buying guide
Split AC

There was a time when it was considered, AC not built for Poor and middle class family but in modern lifestyle the thinking has been completely changed. Everyone wants to get rid from the high temperature of the room. So in summer the AC is necessity and also reputation of the family. There are so many companies which are manufacturing the different types of AC. You can see window AC, split AC in the market. Now portable AC are also in the market. we will provide you a complete Split AC buying guide in this article. So read it completely

Working of split AC

Split AC is considered good as compared to the window AC. Because it consists of two units. Outer unit and inner unit. Outer unit placed on the wall of outside or on the roof and second unit is placed inside the room.

How much does it cost to buy a split AC?

These days you can buy a cheapest split AC around Rs 15000 and and it may vary according to the company and products facilities. Split AC range between Rs 15000- 300000 and you can buy any one according to your preference. The size of AC, star of AC, ton of AC, copper or aluminum coil, compressor, stabilizer and design of AC decides the rate of AC. Before buying an AC, decide first budget of AC otherwise you will get confused.

How many types of split AC?

Wall mounted split AC

Wall mounted split AC are the most popular in the world because of its design. It looks beautiful on the wall .

Floor mounted split AC

These floor mounted AC are also known as vertical AC or Tower AC. These are useful in where you cannot Mount the AC on your wall. These are generally more expensive than other wall mounted AC and it’s design is not also so popular then wall mounted AC.

Ceiling mounted split AC

Ceiling mounted split AC are placed on the ceiling. it’s designs looks good and also its most expensive than wall mounted and floor mounted AC. For installment of ceiling split AC you have to build a false ceiling where you can place split AC in your room.

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How much would be the cooling capacity of split AC?

This is the most important feature of air conditioners. We buy air conditioners for the cooling of the room.s we have small, big and large type of rooms. We should know about the cooling capacity of AC. The cooling capacity of AC is measured by ton of AC. you can buy 0.80 ton, 1 ton , 1.5 ton, 2 or 3 ton AC etc. 1 ton = 1200 BTUS per hour. The cooling capacity of AC also depend on these factors.

Size of the room

If you have big room and have small AC of 0.80 ton . It will take long time to cool your room at your desired temperature . So the bill be very high.

The temperature of air outside of your home

It depends the temperature of air outside of your home. The more temperature of air outside, higher cooling capacity needed. Because the temperature of wall of your house would be high naturally.

Number of people in a room also define the cooling capacity of the split AC

If there are so many person in a room the , temperature of the room automatically would rise. Thats why the more people that will be in the room at that time, the higher will be the cooling capacity of a specific AC required.

Exposure to the sunlight

If you are installing the ac on the top floor of the building. It means the roof of the building is getting very hot by direct sun light.and other condition is that the glass of the window of the building which let sunlight inside and room get high temperature by the sun light.

Distance between room and the kitchen

It is known fact that the temperature of the kitchen would be always high due to the burning of the stove . And if your room is near to the kitchen ,the temperature of the room would be automatically high.

How much ton of split AC you should buy for your room?

This is the main topic you should understand before buying an AC. because if you buy a higher ton ac for a small room than your room would get cool immediately and also cost would be high. If you buy a small ton split AC than it will take long time to cool your room and electricity cost would be high .

Use of 0.8 ton split AC

If you have small room where you want install ac is less than 90- square feet than choose 0.8 ton split ac.

Use of 1 ton split AC

If you have medium room where you want install ac is less than 120 square feet than choose 1ton split ac .

Use of 1.5 ton split AC

If you have large room where you want install ac is less than 180 square feet than choose 1.5 ton split ac .

Use of 2 ton split AC

If you have extra large room where you want install ac is less than 220 square feet than choose 2 ton split ac .

Use of multiple split AC

If you have a big hall than you can install several ac on a single hall having some specific distance between each other.

What are the points you should know before split AC buying?

How much noise does it produce while it is on?

You should think about the noise of the inner unit and outer unit while it is on . Some AC are cheaper and produce much irritating noise.

What is price of split and total budget of installment?

You should come to know that big brands models rate would be high as compare to the lower one . The cost of model also vary according to the design, popularity, and quality. You also consider about installing and maintenance charge before split AC buying

What is Star or energy efficiency rating of split AC?

A system with higher star rating would be more energy efficient as compare to the lower star rating. This means that if you have 5 star AC than you have to pay low electricity bill as compare to the 3 star AC.

What Types of compressor is used in split AC?

The compressor of the AC helps in cooling by circulating the refrigerant through out its parts. So compressor of the AC is the main part of the ac which determines the cooling capacity of Split AC. There are three types of compressor used in Split AC.

Reciprocating Compressor?

AC with reciprocating compressor are generally less expensive and not efficient as compared to the rotary compressor.

Rotary compressor

Rotary compressor are better than other compressor as written above.this type of compressor needs low maintenance, no noise produce and run for long time.

Scroll compressor

Scroll compressor produce low vibration, low sound and more efficient than other. But this type of compressor installed in more than 2 tone AC and usually not available for home AC.

Also you should know these small tips while split AC buying.

  • The body outer part of Split Ac should be anti corrosion properties.
  • AC should have auto start feature.
  • Deodorizing feature that make the room bad smell free by absorbing the bad smell, smoke, smell from food from the room.
  • Electrostatic filter that helps in making room dust free by absorbing the dust particle.
  • Anti bacterial Filter helps in making room bacteria free by blocking the dirt, pollen and allergens outside the AC.
  • Remote control ,timer and WiFi connectivity to operate the AC.

Top split AC brands in the world

Best AC buying guide for the new customers with types of air conditioner

Best AC buying guide for the new customers with types of air conditioner
Split AC

Hello new customers or who built new home in recent. Its summer, you are worrying because of excessive rise in temperature. Ofcourse you have a fan in each room. It will feel you as your room is cooling down when fan is running. But actually what happens itwhen you start fan obviously when air blows through your body. It absorbs heat from your body and you feel cool. In this way air does not get cool and it circulate inside the room. Now you have one option of getting a new AC system for your living room. There are so many AC manufacturing companies. Thousands of AC models in the market. So new customer get confused. No problem We have written all about on Best AC buying guide for the new customers

What is air conditioning or AC?

First of all we should know before buying an AC what is air conditioning system or AC by which a room get cooled. We can define it in this way that its a mechanical way of regulating the humidity, temperature and air quality of a specific room. It can regulate the temperature of your room as well as air pollutants like pollen, dirt, smoke etc. In summer days it passes cool air inside the room from outside .

But in winter days outer temperature is about to zero. You can rise temperature of your living room by switching the blower of your AC because it has inbuilt temperature regulater. These days there are so many types of auto control AC, WiFi connected AC by which you can operate your AC remotely.

How to choose air conditioner or How to choose AC?

You are right who is thinking about how to choose suitable AC for your Living room. After all you are investing money on AC not wasting. Do search before buying a AC. No problem we are giving you a valid on information how to choose air conditioner.

How much money you can spend?

In this world there are so many types of family in the basis of poor, lower class, middle class, rich and richest families (on the basis of income). So money matters for poor, lower class and middle class. If you are rich and richest family than no problem. You can afford any type of AC. So make your budget and search for best AC on that price range.

  • Window air conditioner (AC) these types of AC are base models. These are chipper than others. In this type of window AC you can avail these basic facilities like multiple fan speeds, adjustable thermostat, remote control,manual or electric auto control etc. The price would be around $300 to $600 according to the facilities.
  • Wall air conditioner (AC) window AC are slightly expensive than window AC. It would be around $500-$700 according to its feature.
  • Portable AC are also priced around $500-800 also.
  • Ductless mini split AC are more exclusive than others. These types of AC costs $900-$2000 on the basis of its features. These are more comfortable than others. And these are noiseless, energy efficient and also looks good in your room.

Energy efficient AC

Probably this is summer and you have to kept on whole day and may be in night. AC is a electronic device that’s why you have to think about the bill of electricity. You should know which type of AC device is energy efficient. There are mainly two types of AC .

Inverter AC

Inverter AC doesn’t mean that it would work during electricity cuts. It uses inverter technology in which ac is converted to DC volt and used to regulate the compressor. Inverter AC are supposed to be energy efficient. It actually doesn’t stop the compressor when temperature of room reaches to to the desired level but it stabilizes the temperature around that point. And consume less electricity. So low electricity bill you will have to pay.

Non inverter AC

In other hand non inverter AC it stops when temperature reaches desired point after some time it starts itself when temperature rises. It continuously works like on-off-on-off… Actually when motor starts it consumes electricity at peak levels and comes to normal after some time this process is repeated . In this way it consumes high energy and gives high electricity bill.

Which AC is best for your room ?

There are mainly three types of AC. We are giving description of each. You have to choose yourself according to your room condition.

Split AC

As name represents split AC consists two unit. One unit inner and other unit is placed outside side the room . Inner unit has a blower,remote control, wifi control and many other and outer one has a compressor and condenser. These two units are connected with a long pipe. By this pipe inner unit gets cool and fresh air from outside unit. Split AC are quite expensive. Its installment and accessories are also expensive.

Split AC
Split AC

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Window AC

Window AC has a single unit. It has a blower facing inside and a compressor and condenser outside. It is installed only on the windows.

Window AC
Window AC

Portable AC

Portable AC are more comfortable and you can take it anywhere and switch on there. Only you have to manage a space to keep it there. It can’t get fresh air . It cools inner air only

Portable AC
Portable AC

Best ac brand in the world/ Top ac brands


Daikin company is one of the well known in the world. This is Japanese company standing on the top position in air conditioner technology. This companies AC are more comfortable and more energy efficient with inverter AC technology.


Hitachi is also Japanese company based in Tokyo. This company has won the millions of customers trust by it art of technology on affordable price. This company worked on self cleaning and inverter technology.

Blue star

Blue star is one of the best AC making company started in 1943. This companies AC are more comfortable, affordable, having latest design and good service providing quality.


Carrier company is one of the oldest company started in 1920 by Bills carrier. It is all well known company worldwide and have good reputation in its customer.


Whirlpool has headquarter in Michigan. It is the best leading company in the world when it comes to say about best air conditioner.


Voltas company is Indian based multinational company started in 1954 . Its headquarter situated in Mumbai India.


This company is also a Japanese company founded in 1918.



These two companies originally from south Korea. And well known in the world. These companies are almost making all home appliances and all products are most popular in customers.

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What is Cooling capacity of AC

Split AC  outer part
Split AC outer part

Cooling capacity of AC is measured in British thermal units (BTUs) . When you install new AC you can see cooling capacity of AC in either in tons or BTUs. 1 ton is equals to 12000 BTUs. Mainly AC are categories 1 ton to 5 ton ac.

Before ending “Best AC buying guide for the new customers ” you should know these

  • If your room has direct sun light effect than you should buy atleast 1.5 ton capacity AC otherwise you can buy 1 ton AC this is for 150 square foot room.
  • If you want to install in hall than buy more than 2 ton AC
  • Mainly AC comes with copper and aluminum coils. Aluminum coils are cheaper than copper but aluminum coils are non repairable after getting hole. Copper coils can be welded.

Star rating system of AC

Star rating in AC helps the buyer to identify that which AC consumes low electricity. This type of ranking is given by Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Star rating is given from 1 star to 5 star where 1 stars means consumes high energy thus high electricity bill and 5 star means low electricity consumption low electricity bill.

How much ton AC requires a room ?

You can select AC according to the size of the room the list is given below.

  • 90 square feet requires 0.8 ton AC
  • 90 -120 square feet room requires 1 ton AC
  • 120-180 square feet room requires 1.5 ton AC
  • More than 180 square feet room requires 2 ton AC
  • A big hall may require several units of AC

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What is Huawei P30 pro and its specifications?

Huawei P30 pro specifications
Huawei P30 pro

It’s the time specially booked for digitally digital world. So it’s nothing to say about any smartphone because usually every person at least have a a smartphone but there are so many companies coming in trending list with better smartphone day by day. In these days Huawei company is on trading with a smartphone named huawei P30 Pro. So you will know in this post about Huawei P30 pro and its specifications.

Huawei p30 pro

In Huawei p30 pro segment phone Huawei company tried to get dominated in flagship smartphone market. In P30 pro you will get a big size AMOLED HD display with quad has 40 MP sensor camera which helps us taking photos on low light with optical stabilization.

8MP tele camera which helps you in 5X optical zoom and and also 10X hybrid zoom and 50X digital zoom function available.

Third camera is 20MP with autofocus and 16mm altra wide lence.

Fourth camera is selfie camera with 32MP fitted in small notch and display is AMOLED 6″.4’with 1060 resolution. It has finger print scanner under the display. It also supports 15 W wireless charging and 40W ultra fast charging.

Huawei p30 pro
Huawei p30 pro

Specifications of Huawei P30 pro


It has dual side glass body with metal frame. That’s why its dust proof and also it qualify the water resistant test.


6.47 AMOLED screens with 1,080 x 2,340 px resolution (398ppi) with tiny notch display looks good. It looks good in hand and the grip is strong. It also supports HD video , Ambient light sensor and Proximity sensor.


It has Kirin 980 chipset powered by octa-core processor (2xA76 @2.6GHz + 2xA76 @1.92GHz +4xA55 @1.8GHz)with Mali-G76 MP10 GPU, graphene film and heat pipe with vapor chamber cooling system.

Internal memory and ram

It is available in two segments 6GB or 8GB RAM, 128/256/512GB storage. You can also expand its memory via Nano Memory – hybrid slot.

OS version of Huawei P30 pro

Android latest version android pie EMUI 9.1 is available In this phone.

CAMERA feature

 This smartphone has quad camera 1/1.7″ 40MP sensor, up to ISO 204,800, 5x optical zoom and 10x hybrid zoom. It also supports 50x digital zoom, Super Macro Mode, OIS + EIS, Variable Aperture, Portrait Mode, Night Mode for better photography. It has also  32MP, f/2.0 Leica lens selfie camera with Portrait Mode with live bokeh effects.


It is powered by 4,200mAh big non removable battery. It also supports Super Charge with 40W and 15W wireless charging. Also supports reverse wireless charging which is used to charge other phones wirelessly.


P30 pro supports Fingerprint unlock system on display. It has finger print reader under the display. Also supports pattern and pincode to unlock the phone.

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In Huawei p30 you can run dual sim cards. It has dual band GPS and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 5+LE,NFC, and also so USB Type C. All bands 2g, 3g, 4g also supported.

Huawei p30 pro
Huawei p30 pro

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You can get this mobile online at the rate of 71990 for the 6 GB RAM+128 GB Memory variant.

How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine?

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How to use electronic Voting Machine
EVM- Electronic Voting Machine

How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine?

In previous time there was not digital evolution. Now days every thing is going digitally. Every person has at least a new digital gadget. That may be smart phone, laptop,watches even a music player. That time elections were used to held with a paper and a stamp. Voter usedto stamp on special sign of political party on that paper. Now this type of voting is replaced by Electronic Voting Machine. So you have to know how to use EVM Electronic Voting Machine.

What is EVM?

As name suggests electronic Voting machine used to cast vote. Buttons are used to cast the vote . There are many buttons and beside the button you can see the signs or logo of the political party. Its reliable and high secured Machine digitally. Biggest democratic country India has been also using it for a decade. More over Election commission of India challenged hackers to hack their EVM in 2018.However many of the much developed countries are not using this machine.

How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine

How does EVM work?

EVM gives you unique button with political parties logo. You have to press the button against the political parties logo. When you press the button a buzzer sound comes from Evm and your precious vote submitted successfully. Wait you have to press the button carefully because when you press first time a buzzer sound comes and Machine locks itself and you can not repress. It will unlock with other candidate with new unique code. This process repeated continuously so that no one can cast double or illegal votes.

How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine?
A woman casting vote

Why EVM is better than ballot paper?

In past time there was no computer or other digital idea. That time we used to ballot paper. Ballot paper is best that time every person had plenty of time. But now morden days every one is busy. No one want to waste time. Some reason are give bellow

  • Ballot paper uses paper so using EVM we can save more trees and can save environment
  • Time consuming process. All the work have to do manually . It takes long time and polling booths get crowded. No one want to waste time there.
  • Many ballot paper get canceled because of wrong stemps .
  • It takes long time to count the total number of votes .

How to use EVM Machine

How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine?
Line of voters

You will have to carry a voting card or any things which are used as your identity on your polling booths.

Procedure from entry to exit in polling booths

  • Stand in line and wait for your turn
  • Show your identity
  • They will sign in your finger with a link
  • Enter in secure room where evm is kept
  • Press the button named with your favorite part or candidate
  • Don’t press twice or change the button. Because you’re allowed to press button single time only
  • A beeper sound will come
  • T
  • You have finished voting
  • Exit from room

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Special feature of latest android Q version in 2019

Special feature of latest android Q version in 2019
Android Qbeta 1

Special feature of latest android Q version 10

Latest android version Android Q is going to launch in the first half of the year 2019. Android added so many feature in android q version. It would be completely new experience with new smartphones having this android version. There are so many Special feature of latest android Q version 10 but main features are listed below.

10 new feature of Android Q beta

1. Supports foldable screen smartphone

In coming years there would be wide market of foldable screen tablets or smartphones. Because these type of smartphone’s display can expend to large display. For that type of Smartphones this Android version would fully support. This OS version is likely to change the UI position and other icon on home screen as soon as the phone is folded.

Special feature of latest android Q version in 2019
Android Q in foldable screen

2. Dark theme to save the battery

Every smartphone’s fuel is battery. If you have a world’s best smartphone and the battery goes down in few hours than that smartphone’s value is zero. So android tried to save the battery in android Q version with black theme.

Dark theme
Dark theme

3. Control over location sharing apps

Your privacy is important that’s why in android Q you can manage location sharing apps . In earlier version there were only two option either enable or disable access the location by the app. Now in this version you have third option that let the app see the location only when it is active.

Android Q beta 1
Android Q

4. Quick sharing option

In this version you will have so many functions to share the file,photos,URL etc

5. To connect the wifi without showing password

Connecting to a wifi network becomes easier in android Q. Users can connect to wifi network simply scanning the QR Code. This means you no need to give the password to connect.

6. Support for new audio and video formats

This version will support new open source codec AVI. This mean you can stream high quality videos with low bandwidth.

7. More app option when long press the notification

In earlier Android version like Android Pie , when you long press on notification bar of any app that time a pop displayed having two options either you can hide the notification or disable the notification. But in android Q there more options like block it,make it silent,keep alerting as it was.

8. Desktop mode

Its said it would support desktop mode or desktop display.

9. New battery life indicator

In previous version the life of the battery was shown in the percentage form along with the notification bar of the phone. In new version the percentage of the battery will not shown users will see text like “until 8:23pm ” after certain stage of the life of battery.

10. And more function like screen record , deeper access to photo effects etc

Android Q beta 1
Android Q beta 1

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Pop up camera advatage and disadvantage

Hello friends these days new samrt phones are coming day by day. In previous time means 3-4 year ego there were feature smartphone. That time button phone were above all. And after sometime mobile phone with tuch were launched. Than capacitive tuch screen and so on… At last on now is pop up camera phone. So we should know about advatage and disadvantage of pop up camera.

When front facing camera were launched then it made a Milestone on the camera phone. after that every smart phone started come with front facing camera from 0.3 megapixel and nowadays you can get a smartphone having selfie front camera with upto 50 MP. These days all the biggest company in like Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Vivo are focusing on Front facing camera that is selfie camera so there daily doing something big and something new with selfie camera in 2018-19.

So today’s topic is what are the advantage and disadvantage of popup selfie camera . First be positive and obviously we will discuss first advantages:-

Advantages of pop up selfie camera

Bezel-less without notch:- front camera need some place in upper reason of your phone. When it is built without camera than you will have big display .

pop up camera advatage and disadvantage
With pop up camera

No requirement of notch screen :- On display, phone manufacturering companies launched a notch display. In this type of display, a place where camera is placed is blank for camera and both side of front camera you can use for display.

With out pop up selfie camera
Without pop up camera

Elusive and cool impression :- This type of display looks good as compared to the notch display . It looks good while displaying videos on full screen mode

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Disadvantage disadvantage of sliding up camera

Susceptible to damage :- As you are looking on the image this type of camera is out of the border of the phone so if it accidentally drop down while the camera is open or hit somewhere it may break down.

pop up camera advatage and disadvantage

Accumulate dirt and dust particle:- It accumulate dust particle inside the phone and it gets crashed itself when it comes with dust particle while moving up and down.

Upper side of pop up camera

Water resistant :- It is not water resistant because of the slide up and down camera.

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Mechanical work:- Because of mechanical work the chances are high to get damaged sliding function of camera.

pop up selfie camera advatage and disadvantage

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