How hackers hack our smart phones

How hackers hack our smartphones

Hello reader. We hope you are totally safe in this digital era. Every person has at least a smartphone. Actually what happens. When you get up in the morning and starts checking your notification and get shocked by reading a message. Because of a notification from bank ” your transaction was successful “. When you check your balance of your saving account you see someone withdrawn or bought something by you money without your permission. When you go to the bank than they do not take any responsibility. So we are giving very much information how hackers hack our smartphones.

How hackers hack our smart phones
How hackers hack our smart phones

What do you store on your smartphone?

In this smartphone our complete bio data is saved in digital form. Usually these types of data we store on our phone knowingly or unknowingly.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Phone no
  • Bank detail
  • Password
  • Date of birth
  • Bank detail
  • Address detail
  • Some time upload of document like PAN card, driver license or other id proofs given by Govt.

How hacker get these details from our smartphone?

Well guise, there are so many techniques hackers use to hack our smartphones. So that at least one can be caught.

Hackers throw false offers to tempt the user

To understand this technique, we give you a small example, say, you are sitting on the river side and there are many fishes in front of you but you will give some food or bait , so that you catch the fish as soon as possible. Not all the fish catch you, but a fish will be caught in your hands, then your work will be done.

Same like that hackers may contact you on call , message or email . He throws some false offer like these type of baits :

  • You have won coca cola annual prize of €5000.
  • Congratulations, you have won lucky draw €5000.
  • You are selected to join our team and you will earn … per month.
  • Earn money online and do this work
  • Earn from home and earn huge amount €200 per month.
  • I am dying due to cancer and want to transfer money to your account.
How hackers hack our smart phones
What does happen when you reply to a hacker?

What does happen when you reply to a hacker?

When you take interest on given statements such as listed above . Definitely you will click, email back or do same thing as hacker want to cheat you.

  • They may force you to visit some website so that you do same thing.
  • Somtime a hacker may force you to register your bank detail, your address etc.
  • He may further suggests you to download any app on your smartphone.

What happens when you install app from website?

These apps are spy apps. When you install apps from websites, it would decode your phone completely and will upload all data to the hackers server silently without your permission automatically. Now you you have given all the permission to operate your phone completely knowingly or unknowingly. Hacker now can send messages,read massage or emails from the banks, use your camera and many more using your internet. Hacker can get OTP from your bank too.

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How hacker use your private data to cheat you?

Well ,once hacker access your personal data than he research you personal life. If he finds any bank account than he tries to withdraw money from your bank. Because you are now under control of hacker. If he fails to get any money directly than he sell it farther to another miscreants. After some year later if you get huge amount in your bank than they can withdraw your money. If you are a girl than hacker hack your smartphone and all your photos may upload to porn sites.

How to save our smartphones from hackers ?

How hackers hack our smart phones
Hackers analyze the data

There is all arround the internet. Without internet we can not simplify or life. So aware while using internet and apps. These days we are using internet banking, e wallets and other payments sources to purchase the our needs. We are giving some tips which saves you from hackers.

1. Avoid installing apps from browser

Yes ,this is the main reason on get hacked smartphones. Because these apps are specifically built to harm you. You can install apps from play store. Here Google has optimized 90%of apps . However 10 %apps are not real. So be careful.

2. While installing apps see the permission taken by the apps

This is the second big reason on Hacking the smartphone. Suppose one app you are installing for note making. And app requires massaging, calling, recording, camera etc than think yourself something is wrong. Because you are installing the app for note making and app requires calling permission which is not digestible. So don’t allow this types of permission.

3. Don’t allow cookies from untrusted websites

Cookies are also third main problems which helps the hackers to look after your data. So don’t vist untrusted website and don’t allow cookies. Clear cookie time to time from your browser.

How to know hacker hacked our smartphones ?

See this video to know more

If you see these signs on your phone it means your phone is hacked

  1. If your battery is getting very hot and you are not using you phone . This mean somone is operating your phone remotely.
  2. If your smartphone getting switched off and switching on automatically and also dialing some number. It means phone completely hacked
  3. If your phone massaging itself with some codes. It means your phone has been hacked.
How hackers hack our smart phones
Small tips to avoid hackers hack our smartphones

Small tips to avoid hackers hack our smartphones

Follow these tips to save your smartphone from hackers

  1. Only install apps from Play Store.
  2. Do not share your personal information on untrusted websites.
  3. Don’t reply to untrusted emails.
  4. Don’t install apps on someone’s recommendation.
  5. Do not share your emails passwords, usernames, internet banking password and username etc.
  6. Do not save your password, usernames, id cards on your phone memory.
  7. Be careful be safe.

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How hackers hack our smartphones
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