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How to create and share videos on firework app for android and iPhones users

Hello friends, we can’t help sharing our thoughts to our friends and of course to the world. We like to share videos, audio, text, images etc. Thare are so many types of social media websites and apps. You can go with most popular apps like Facebook for mixed content, Instagram for photos, TikTok and Likee app for small videos. But here is the another app named Firework app which is growing very fast in western countries because of its super popular features. We are going to discuss in detail here in this article about how to install firework app, How to create and share videos on firework app, what is revveal video and how to create reveal video. To know all about how to use firework app read complete article and leave a comment if you have any issue related to firework app.

What is Firework app ?

First of all you should know about firework app. Firework app is a short video sharing app available on playstore for android and app store for apple users. This app is very popular in western countries because this app is built by early LinkedIn and snapchat founder. I have written a article in detail about what is firework app.

How to create and share videos on firework app

Installation of firework TV

First of all you have to download and install the firework app from Play Store. The link to download firework application from Play Store and App Store for Apple users is given below.

Firework app for android
Firework app for iPhone users

After finishing the installation of firework application just open it.

How to sign in to firework app?

It’s easy to sign in to the firework app. You can sign in using most popular app Facebook’s account. And also you can sign in just using your mobile number.

Login firework app

You can also sign in using Instagram account you may change profile picture, phone number, username and password later. If you have gmail account than you can use it.

How to shoot videos on firework app?

Just see on left side of the corner of this app. You would see a camera button and hit that button. You may ask to give permission for using camera, storage, record etc. Just click ok. Now camera would open and press red button till recording get ended. Length of videos can be seen top of the window. You can play music or voice in background . You can see more options in right side of the camera. Just practice all that and after finishing editing and styling the video just publish it.

What is reveal videos and how to create reveal video on firework app?

Reveal video

The most important feature of firework app is creating and sharing the reveal videos. Its amazing to see and creating reveal videos. Reveal videos those videos which look like a game. If you move or shake your mobile videos playing on mobile also shakes. The video rotates like a compass. To shoot this type of video just open the camera and see the last option reveal option. Your phone will go automatically landscape mode and click the red button. Video would start recording. After finishing click on next button. You would be shown recorded video. Just shake your smartphone. You would be surprised after seeing the video. You can add text , music and different types of effects to the videos. Just save and publish it.

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