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How to take screenshot from Android

Almost every person using android smartphone has active internet connection. We can access internet through wifi or cellular network to access data. The cost of data is decreasing day by day and the speed of data is increasing day by day, 3G, 4G now 5G is ready to explore. There find several web pages that can’t be downloaded or we doesn’t have much time to save that same. Some time we have to show photos of screen as a proof. Many time we want to save conversation shared on social media and we get confused how to take photos of that conversation. Thanks android, it has given this feature absolutely free to take screenshot of android screen. If you don’t know how to take screenshot of android screen, no problem I am going to discuss all about how to screenshot from android smartphones.

What is screenshot?

How to screenshot on android

First of all we should know what is screenshot. As name suggests this is shot of screen. In simple words screenshots are images or photos of some kind of display ( laptop, pc and smartphone’s display. Screenshot is the exact image of that display which you are watching on display.

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What are the use of screenshots?

Yes , screenshots are very important to us to share our feelings or position at some web pages or games. Here are the main use of screenshot given below.

1 Screenshot help us to share our actual position of a multi label game. We can tell our game position by sharing a screenshot on social media. Also we can challenge them to complete that label.

2 Screenshot of a technical problem. We can capture a screen of an error showing on display so that we can send same error message to the technical help centre. It reduces time and argument between a user and technician. And also technician easily understand the error message.

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3 Capturing screenshot of a humorous comment, post or funny facts as it is. Yes when we start surfing web or social media like Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp etc on our smartphone. We see many images, text, status which are extraordinary and we want to save that screen on our phone. It is best way to save screen on our phone.

How to take screenshots from android smartphones?

Its very easy to take screenshots from android smartphones. Here is the procedure how to take screenshot for android smartphones

Take screenshot using power and volume down button

  • First open that screen you want to capture.
  • Press both power and volume down button to capture screen ( do not press buttons alone or single button, both buttons should be pressed in same time.)
  • Don’t release both buttons untill Capturing sound comes or phone vibrates.
  • Captured photos would be saved in phone memory and you can access from gallery.

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Take screenshot using power and home button

  • Just hold down both power and home button for a couple of minutes.
  • Release both buttons after Capturing screenshot of android smartphone.

Take screenshot using third party app

You can also install third party apps to capture the screen . Just go to playstore and install one.

Take screenshot using gesture

You can also set gestures to take screenshot on android smartphones. To set gestures just go to settings and enable it.

Quick Questions & Answer

How do I take a screenshot on an android?

Just hold down both buttons volume down and power button to capture your screen.

Where are screenshots saved Android?

Usually screenshot are stored in internal memory of your phone. Check DCIM or picture folder to see screenshot.

If you have any questions belonging to how to take screenshot on android smartphones. You can leave a comment on comment box.

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