How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine?

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How to use electronic Voting Machine
EVM- Electronic Voting Machine

How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine?

In previous time there was not digital evolution. Now days every thing is going digitally. Every person has at least a new digital gadget. That may be smart phone, laptop,watches even a music player. That time elections were used to held with a paper and a stamp. Voter usedto stamp on special sign of political party on that paper. Now this type of voting is replaced by Electronic Voting Machine. So you have to know how to use EVM Electronic Voting Machine.

What is EVM?

As name suggests electronic Voting machine used to cast vote. Buttons are used to cast the vote . There are many buttons and beside the button you can see the signs or logo of the political party. Its reliable and high secured Machine digitally. Biggest democratic country India has been also using it for a decade. More over Election commission of India challenged hackers to hack their EVM in 2018.However many of the much developed countries are not using this machine.

How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine

How does EVM work?

EVM gives you unique button with political parties logo. You have to press the button against the political parties logo. When you press the button a buzzer sound comes from Evm and your precious vote submitted successfully. Wait you have to press the button carefully because when you press first time a buzzer sound comes and Machine locks itself and you can not repress. It will unlock with other candidate with new unique code. This process repeated continuously so that no one can cast double or illegal votes.

How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine?
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Why EVM is better than ballot paper?

In past time there was no computer or other digital idea. That time we used to ballot paper. Ballot paper is best that time every person had plenty of time. But now morden days every one is busy. No one want to waste time. Some reason are give bellow

  • Ballot paper uses paper so using EVM we can save more trees and can save environment
  • Time consuming process. All the work have to do manually . It takes long time and polling booths get crowded. No one want to waste time there.
  • Many ballot paper get canceled because of wrong stemps .
  • It takes long time to count the total number of votes .

How to use EVM Machine

How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine?
Line of voters

You will have to carry a voting card or any things which are used as your identity on your polling booths.

Procedure from entry to exit in polling booths

  • Stand in line and wait for your turn
  • Show your identity
  • They will sign in your finger with a link
  • Enter in secure room where evm is kept
  • Press the button named with your favorite part or candidate
  • Don’t press twice or change the button. Because you’re allowed to press button single time only
  • A beeper sound will come
  • T
  • You have finished voting
  • Exit from room

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How to use EVM electronic Voting Machine?
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