How to use google services on roku

How to use google services on roku

Roku devices are much popular in USA and UK. These devices are used to stream content on TV. Similarly it can also use to stream online content, Google music, videos and also a web browser. So today we will discuss here How to use google services on roku. Here we would include google services like google photos, google search, google play, google music, google music and TV.

How to use google services on roku

As we all know roku devices are very popular in the market. Also these devices support all the major streaming devices. You shouldn’t any issue in connecting the devices. To use google services you have to install roku movies app from play store to see movies, listen music and watch TV channels. Visit the official website of roku. After installing the roku app you will have to connect your account with gmail. While creating account on roku you may have to asked your payment details. But you won’t charged unless you order somthing from here. It may not work outside the USA and UK.

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There is no official app or support by google to play google music, google search etc. However you can cast your smartphones screen on your screen by third party solutions like miracast. To use this service your phone or laptop and roku device must be in same wi-fi network. If you want to know more on how to work miracast you can search on google. Same way you can mirror or stream your all content to a big screen using roku.


Roku devices are used to stream the online videos, TV channels, or netflix videos. You csn enjoy its high quality videos on HD or 4K screen. Its easy to connect to the screen by using roku stik. Thats why its so popular This is all how to use google services on roku by installing the app or using miracast.

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