How to use telegram messenger (android, iOS, windows and macOS)

Hello guys, today is a time to connect every people with each other socially, mentally and logically in the world. Almost every person has a smartphone with aceive social media accounts. Many people are using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn which are very popular world wide. But some social platforms are becoming popular very fast in 2018 -19. These platforms are LinkedIn, telegram. The user base of these platforms are increasing day by day. We will specially focus on telegram. We would discuss on how to use telegram messenger on android, iOS, windows, macOs and its features, comparison between telegram and WhatsApp, security and many more in this post.

What is telegram?

Telegram messenger

Telegram is social media service providing company where you can use this social media platform to send or exchange video, audio, text, images etc. Telegram is a cloud based instant messaging and calling service. It is a cloud-based service which is very fast as compared to others and it is supposed to be secure by the end-to-end encryption. Telegram is available for Android, iOS, Windows phone, Windows, macOS, linux, web platforms. Telegram first released in 14 August 2013 by Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov. This is available in 14 languages in world wide. English, Persian, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Korean, Russian, french, Indonesian, Malay, Ukrainian etc. According to telegram , in March 2018 telegram had 200 monthly active is becoming more popular than others because of these reasons.

  • It is the best encrypted messaging app which is important to make sure your data is safe.
  • It offers cross platform
  • End to end encryption
  • Cloud based technology
  • It doesn’t run any types of ads so 100% free.
  • Telegram dosen’t monitor your communication.

How to use telegram messenger on android, iOS, windows and macOS

Its easy to use telegram on every platforms like android, iOS, windows and macOS. Every platforms have dedicated apps and you have to just install telegram app and active it.

how to install telegram app

Every platforms has a unique telegram app to install. You can use telegram on PC, smartphones(android, windows, iOS etc) laptops. You have to search telegram app and install it to your device. We are specially covering here on android smartphones because almost every internet user uses android and second position is for iOS or Apple.

Download and install the telegram app on your device.

Telegram has dedicated unique app for every platforms. You can download telegram app from playstore for android and app store for iOS platforms. You can also download telegram app for windows, linux, macOS etc . For more download options you can search on Google.

How to login or register on telegram app

After installing the app you can open the telegram app. When you open first time this app you would see welcome screen. You can swipe or skip the welcome screen. After that you will be promoted to enter your mobile no. Telegram would send you a 4 digit verification code on your mobile number to check it’s real number or fake. Enter the code and continue. Here you can create your profile by adding your name, and a profile picture. Enter all the information and continue.

Telegram automatically search all your contacts who is using telegram. If they are not you can send a invitation link to join the telegram. Only you have to accept all the required permission by app.

How to chat on telegram instant messenger?

It’s as simple as WhatsApp. Only you have to select that friend who is using telegram and start chat. You can call them, send text messages or multimedia messages.

You can send photos, web images, links, documents and current location. To send your current location to a friend you have to select the location option and send location to your friends. Your friend would receive a map where you are right now. He or she can guide you to go to the destination.

How to chat secretly on telegram

You can chat secretly because telegram provides you a secret chat option. So No one can track or read the chat even telegram due to end to end encryption. You can share photos, text, video, documents in this secret chat option.

To start secret chat or private chat ,here are the steps given. First go to the menu tab.and select secret chat. Select one friend and start secret chat. All the messages sent through this window are encrypted.

How to create a group in telegram

You can create a group of your friends like WhatsApp and Facebook. You can chat and see all the chatting on this group. Only you have to add your friends to the group and start sharing content like text, audio, video, documents etc. You can add 200,000 members in a single group in telegram. To create group go to the menu, tap on the new group, and tap to add members.

How to create channel in telegram

You can create a channel to broadcast your text message,audio, video or any type of documents/links. The number of subscribers on a channel is unlimited. You can invite anyone to join the telegram channel. It’s just like a Facebook page. To creat a channel go to the menu and choose new channel. Make your chance public . Public channels have their usernames and these channels can be found in telegram search or you can get it by just going to the link You can use hash tags to search box and search all the content related to that hashtag. Hashtag work just like as LinkedIn and Twitter. Therefore you probably heard to join telegram by a youtuber.

What are bots on telegram?

Bots are programming languages to run some specific task without human beings. The tradition of using bots in social media websites is now become common. Using bots on telegram channel will help you to interact with your channel subscribers, scheduling the publication and monitoring yourchannel. You can create bot if you know programming languages. But if you don’t know how any programming language you can visit here to start create bot.

5 special features of telegram you should know

1 Telegram bot Unlike WhatsApp you can create your own bot to simplify your task on telegram messenger. You only need to know programming languages little bit. Bots are useful in channels. These bots can reply to comments, detects languages and songs and send messages to your clients automatically. Once you have to program them.

2 Secret / private chat. Yes this is evolutionary time for digital platforms. Every messages or images can be hacked but in case of telegram you can open secret chat from menu. What you share through this window is end to end encrypted. No one can read or hack your content even telegram. End to end encryption is supposed to be a secure technology so far.

3 Live location sharing If you are going some where you don’t know exact location. You can share your location to your friend. Telegram messenger would send a map of your exact location.

4 Cross platform Telegram supports multiple platforms. You don’t need to worry about your messages. You can open your telegram account in any device that may be laptop, PC, mobile, iOS, windows etc.

5 Customize telegram You can customize your telegram interface by changing its theme. Just go to settings ,chat settings. Here you can change colors and look of theme, chat list view and many more.

Why telegram messenger is better than WhatsApp?

Cloud storage

Telegram uses cloud technology which is becoming very popular these days. Because it is very fast and secure. Telegram uses cloud storage. It means all your data will be saved on their cloud system automatically. You don’t need to backup data because it sync all data to cloud server. When you log in from tablets, desktop, laptop, android or somewhere else . You will get same data that was on previous device. This facility is not available in WhatsApp.

Limit of member in group is very high

Here in WhatsApp the limit of group members is very low near to 300. But in case of telegram you can add unlimited members upto 200,000. You can share videos, audio, text, images and documents to your members. Also you can set bots to manage the chat on group. When you change the mobile or uninstall the app you lose all chatting history.

Multi platform support

Telegram messenger supports multiple platforms to run the telegram. You can login into your account on desktop, laptop, iOS devices, macOS, windows etc with a single account. But in case of WhatsApp you need only smartphones to run the app.

Secret chats

In telegram you can open a secret chat option to secure your chatting. So that no one can read your chatting even telegram. All the messages are encrypted with end to end encryption technology which is the strongest technology to secure your data. But in WhatsApp this facility is not available. Because of this reason telegram messenger is getting more popular day by day

Use of bots

You can use bots to simplify your chat. You can create your own bots.These all types of bots are a set to programming languages created by third party developers. If you know programming languages you can create your own boat.

Multiple sessions

You can login your account in many devices simultaneously.

Send any kind of file

In WhatsApp you can send voice, text, videos and images. But in telegram you can share any types of file.

Frequently asked questions about telegram messenger you should know

What is telegram and how does it work?

Telegram is a cloud based instant messaging platform like WhatsApp. You can sign in with your mobile number and start sharing all types of your data with near and dear one.

How can I join a channel in telegram?

Open the telegram and tap on search bar in the right corner of the app. Search your channel here . Tap on one channel name and tap on join button.

What are Telegram bots?

Telegram bots are third party programs which runs in background. These programs directs telegram automatically. You can change the function of bots by modifying its html structure. You should know at least a programming language to operate bots.

How secure is telegram?

Telegram is secure with end to end encryption technology. WhatsApp also uses same technology.

Is telegram safer than WhatsApp?

Yes telegram is safer than WhatsApp due to encryption and secret chat.

Is Telegram messenger is an Indian app?

No telegram is not built in India. It was launched by Russian brothers in 2013. So it is built in Russia.

Does Telegram have video call?

No it is not supported video calling yet.


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