Latest update of windows 10 has a bug issue that could break VPN service

Hello guys our favorite system Microsoft windows 10 was last updated in 10 may of 2019. But you would be surprised by knowing that windows 10 has a bug issue.

Windows 10 has a bug issue
Windows 10 bug problem

However Microsoft announced that windows 10 has a bug that can interrupt the VPN (vertual private network) service. This bug can affect remote access connection manager which is also called RASMAN which is used to manage the connection of VPN.

Millions of users are using windows 10 around the world. Most of the users are using VPN to access the internet. So millions of users would be affected directly by this bug. It would also affect windows 10 latest version released in June 27, 2019.

Remote access connection manager (RASMAN) also may crash or stop work and you would receive an error “0xc00______5” if any user configures the setting of VPN to “always on” or “automatically connect “

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Microsoft has already stated that they are working on windows 10 bug issue and they will remove this bug in next update of windows 10. But they haven’t specified date of update.

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