Pop up camera advatage and disadvantage

Hello friends these days new samrt phones are coming day by day. In previous time means 3-4 year ego there were feature smartphone. That time button phone were above all. And after sometime mobile phone with tuch were launched. Than capacitive tuch screen and so on… At last on now is pop up camera phone. So we should know about advatage and disadvantage of pop up camera.

When front facing camera were launched then it made a Milestone on the camera phone. after that every smart phone started come with front facing camera from 0.3 megapixel and nowadays you can get a smartphone having selfie front camera with upto 50 MP. These days all the biggest company in like Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Vivo are focusing on Front facing camera that is selfie camera so there daily doing something big and something new with selfie camera in 2018-19.

So today’s topic is what are the advantage and disadvantage of popup selfie camera . First be positive and obviously we will discuss first advantages:-

Advantages of pop up selfie camera

Bezel-less without notch:- front camera need some place in upper reason of your phone. When it is built without camera than you will have big display .

pop up camera advatage and disadvantage
With pop up camera

No requirement of notch screen :- On display, phone manufacturering companies launched a notch display. In this type of display, a place where camera is placed is blank for camera and both side of front camera you can use for display.

With out pop up selfie camera
Without pop up camera

Elusive and cool impression :- This type of display looks good as compared to the notch display . It looks good while displaying videos on full screen mode

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Disadvantage disadvantage of sliding up camera

Susceptible to damage :- As you are looking on the image this type of camera is out of the border of the phone so if it accidentally drop down while the camera is open or hit somewhere it may break down.

pop up camera advatage and disadvantage

Accumulate dirt and dust particle:- It accumulate dust particle inside the phone and it gets crashed itself when it comes with dust particle while moving up and down.

Upper side of pop up camera

Water resistant :- It is not water resistant because of the slide up and down camera.

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Mechanical work:- Because of mechanical work the chances are high to get damaged sliding function of camera.

pop up selfie camera advatage and disadvantage

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