Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages

Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages
Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages

Hello guys these days there are so many smartphones in the market. Every one want to buy a new and latest smartphone. But every one can’t afford to have a best smartphone. When it comes to check online prices of that special model in online store like Flipkart, Amazon Snapdeal etc. The cheapest price would be refurbished smartphones. However its clearly mentioned about refurbished . But many of us don’t know about refurbished smartphones. These phones are cheaper than its actual price. And you would decide to buy without knowing what are refurbished smartphones and Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages.

What are refurbished smartphones or what is the meaning of refurbished smartphones ?

First of all you should know the term refurbished. Many of us get confused about the word refurbished and second hand smartphones. Lets say about second hand smartphones. These smartphones are used and have no manufactured warranty or guarantee. But in case of refurbished gadgets, these smartphones are pulled back by the manufacturing company due to some technical issue. Some of refurbished smartphones are returned by the customers without any defect with in 30 days. After changing the mindset of customer. Refurbished gadgets are rechecked and reviewed its hardware and software by the company. After passing all the checks the phone is sold out by the company under refurbished.

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Refurbished smartphones advantages

There are so many advantages of buying a refurbished smartphones. Here is the list of advantages of refurbished smartphones below:-

Cheaper than new model

When you want to buy a latest smartphone than you should also see the refurbished units too. Refurbished phone are used by someone in a short time and returned to the company. These phones cannot sold in the category of new one. The price of these phones are very low as compared to the new one . For example if new phone’s price is 25000 than the refurbished phone’s price would be around 17000-20000. If you go with this one you can save money around 20-40% of the cost of the phone.

Double tested or rechecked in the company by the experts

When once a phone is replaced by the customer to the company. The phone checked again and again. Its hardware and software simultaneously. If any problem occurs than it is repaired at last the phone is passed to resale under refurbished tag line.

Eco friendly

Friends its great choice to save environment. Because these phones are recycled by the company at cheapest price and save the environment. Otherwise these smartphones would be dumped into the ground only due to the minor defect.

Disadvantages of refurbished smartphones

Every thing in this world has a negative value. So we should know these disadvantages of refurbished smartphones before buying a gadget. We are giving some key points below you should think .

Scratches on the body.

These phones are replaced by the customers in a small time period. So they were using phone for a small period and possibility is very high to get scratched.

Warranty period is very small

The time period of warranty is very small as compared to the new handset. If you get 1 year warranty in new model than here you would avail only 3 months warranty.

Accessories are not branded.

Charger, ear phones or other accessories may not from same model company or not genuine products.

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Tips and tricks before buying a refurbished smartphones

  • Always buy these types of phone from a trusted websites .
  • Check the warranty of gadgets.
  • Check the accessories.

List of website for refurbished gadgets

Now it should be clear about Refurbished smartphones advantages and disadvantages and how and where to buy these types of smartphones. If you have still doubts about this topic you can contact us by clicking here.

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