Special feature of latest android Q version in 2019

Special feature of latest android Q version in 2019
Android Qbeta 1

Special feature of latest android Q version 10

Latest android version Android Q is going to launch in the first half of the year 2019. Android added so many feature in android q version. It would be completely new experience with new smartphones having this android version. There are so many Special feature of latest android Q version 10 but main features are listed below.

10 new feature of Android Q beta

1. Supports foldable screen smartphone

In coming years there would be wide market of foldable screen tablets or smartphones. Because these type of smartphone’s display can expend to large display. For that type of Smartphones this Android version would fully support. This OS version is likely to change the UI position and other icon on home screen as soon as the phone is folded.

Special feature of latest android Q version in 2019
Android Q in foldable screen

2. Dark theme to save the battery

Every smartphone’s fuel is battery. If you have a world’s best smartphone and the battery goes down in few hours than that smartphone’s value is zero. So android tried to save the battery in android Q version with black theme.

Dark theme
Dark theme

3. Control over location sharing apps

Your privacy is important that’s why in android Q you can manage location sharing apps . In earlier version there were only two option either enable or disable access the location by the app. Now in this version you have third option that let the app see the location only when it is active.

Android Q beta 1
Android Q

4. Quick sharing option

In this version you will have so many functions to share the file,photos,URL etc

5. To connect the wifi without showing password

Connecting to a wifi network becomes easier in android Q. Users can connect to wifi network simply scanning the QR Code. This means you no need to give the password to connect.

6. Support for new audio and video formats

This version will support new open source codec AVI. This mean you can stream high quality videos with low bandwidth.

7. More app option when long press the notification

In earlier Android version like Android Pie , when you long press on notification bar of any app that time a pop displayed having two options either you can hide the notification or disable the notification. But in android Q there more options like block it,make it silent,keep alerting as it was.

8. Desktop mode

Its said it would support desktop mode or desktop display.

9. New battery life indicator

In previous version the life of the battery was shown in the percentage form along with the notification bar of the phone. In new version the percentage of the battery will not shown users will see text like “until 8:23pm ” after certain stage of the life of battery.

10. And more function like screen record , deeper access to photo effects etc

Android Q beta 1
Android Q beta 1

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