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Split AC buying guide

Split AC

There was a time when it was considered, AC not built for Poor and middle class family but in modern lifestyle the thinking has been completely changed. Everyone wants to get rid from the high temperature of the room. So in summer the AC is necessity and also reputation of the family. There are so many companies which are manufacturing the different types of AC. You can see window AC, split AC in the market. Now portable AC are also in the market. we will provide you a complete Split AC buying guide in this article. So read it completely

Working of split AC

Split AC is considered good as compared to the window AC. Because it consists of two units. Outer unit and inner unit. Outer unit placed on the wall of outside or on the roof and second unit is placed inside the room.

Inner side of split AC
Outer part of split AC

How much does it cost to buy a split AC?

These days you can buy a cheapest split AC around Rs 15000 and and it may vary according to the company and products facilities. Split AC range between Rs 15000- 300000 and you can buy any one according to your preference. The size of AC, star of AC, ton of AC, copper or aluminum coil, compressor, stabilizer and design of AC decides the rate of AC. Before buying an AC, decide first budget of AC otherwise you will get confused.

How many types of split AC?

Wall mounted split AC

Wall mounted split AC are the most popular in the world because of its design. It looks beautiful on the wall .

Floor mounted split AC

These floor mounted AC are also known as vertical AC or Tower AC. These are useful in where you cannot Mount the AC on your wall. These are generally more expensive than other wall mounted AC and it’s design is not also so popular then wall mounted AC.

Ceiling mounted split AC

Ceiling mounted split AC are placed on the ceiling. it’s designs looks good and also its most expensive than wall mounted and floor mounted AC. For installment of ceiling split AC you have to build a false ceiling where you can place split AC in your room.

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Best AC buying guide for the new customers with types of air conditioner

How much would be the cooling capacity of split AC?

This is the most important feature of air conditioners. We buy air conditioners for the cooling of the room.s we have small, big and large type of rooms. We should know about the cooling capacity of AC. The cooling capacity of AC is measured by ton of AC. you can buy 0.80 ton, 1 ton , 1.5 ton, 2 or 3 ton AC etc. 1 ton = 1200 BTUS per hour. The cooling capacity of AC also depend on these factors.

Size of the room

If you have big room and have small AC of 0.80 ton . It will take long time to cool your room at your desired temperature . So the bill be very high.

The temperature of air outside of your home

It depends the temperature of air outside of your home. The more temperature of air outside, higher cooling capacity needed. Because the temperature of wall of your house would be high naturally.

Number of people in a room also define the cooling capacity of the split AC

If there are so many person in a room the , temperature of the room automatically would rise. Thats why the more people that will be in the room at that time, the higher will be the cooling capacity of a specific AC required.

Exposure to the sunlight

If you are installing the ac on the top floor of the building. It means the roof of the building is getting very hot by direct sun light.and other condition is that the glass of the window of the building which let sunlight inside and room get high temperature by the sun light.

Distance between room and the kitchen

It is known fact that the temperature of the kitchen would be always high due to the burning of the stove . And if your room is near to the kitchen ,the temperature of the room would be automatically high.

How much ton of split AC you should buy for your room?

This is the main topic you should understand before buying an AC. because if you buy a higher ton ac for a small room than your room would get cool immediately and also cost would be high. If you buy a small ton split AC than it will take long time to cool your room and electricity cost would be high .

Use of 0.8 ton split AC

If you have small room where you want install ac is less than 90- square feet than choose 0.8 ton split ac.

Use of 1 ton split AC

If you have medium room where you want install ac is less than 120 square feet than choose 1ton split ac .

Use of 1.5 ton split AC

If you have large room where you want install ac is less than 180 square feet than choose 1.5 ton split ac .

Use of 2 ton split AC

If you have extra large room where you want install ac is less than 220 square feet than choose 2 ton split ac .

Use of multiple split AC

If you have a big hall than you can install several ac on a single hall having some specific distance between each other.

What are the points you should know before split AC buying?

How much noise does it produce while it is on?

You should think about the noise of the inner unit and outer unit while it is on . Some AC are cheaper and produce much irritating noise.

What is price of split and total budget of installment?

You should come to know that big brands models rate would be high as compare to the lower one . The cost of model also vary according to the design, popularity, and quality. You also consider about installing and maintenance charge before split AC buying

What is Star or energy efficiency rating of split AC?

A system with higher star rating would be more energy efficient as compare to the lower star rating. This means that if you have 5 star AC than you have to pay low electricity bill as compare to the 3 star AC.

What Types of compressor is used in split AC?

The compressor of the AC helps in cooling by circulating the refrigerant through out its parts. So compressor of the AC is the main part of the ac which determines the cooling capacity of Split AC. There are three types of compressor used in Split AC.

Reciprocating Compressor?

AC with reciprocating compressor are generally less expensive and not efficient as compared to the rotary compressor.

Rotary compressor

Rotary compressor are better than other compressor as written above.this type of compressor needs low maintenance, no noise produce and run for long time.

Scroll compressor

Scroll compressor produce low vibration, low sound and more efficient than other. But this type of compressor installed in more than 2 tone AC and usually not available for home AC.

Also you should know these small tips while split AC buying.

  • The body outer part of Split Ac should be anti corrosion properties.
  • AC should have auto start feature.
  • Deodorizing feature that make the room bad smell free by absorbing the bad smell, smoke, smell from food from the room.
  • Electrostatic filter that helps in making room dust free by absorbing the dust particle.
  • Anti bacterial Filter helps in making room bacteria free by blocking the dirt, pollen and allergens outside the AC.
  • Remote control ,timer and WiFi connectivity to operate the AC.

Top split AC brands in the world

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