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Top 10 age progression apps for android to change photos to old

Hello readers of, everyone is curious to know how would he or she look like in 60+ age. Nobody wants to get old but this is nature who born one day he or she must have to become old. But in this digital era, every thing is possible. There are so many types of age progression apps available on playstore that can convert your photos to old, young, beard, and ofcourse your hair style etc. You no need to worry about your picture and your age. Just install one of these age progression apps and see magic. So we are giving you these Top 10 age progression apps for android to look old and young. Just apply effects and save them to your gallery. Your new photo is now ready to post on social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc platforms.

If you are young than These age progression apps help you to know how would be you after 60+age with wrinkle face. But if you are getting old than these age progression apps helps you to look young and gorgeous. So just install and see magic of these apps.

1. Faceapp- AI Face Editor

Faceapp logo
Old face
Young face with different hair style

This app was released in 2017 by face app inc. It is most popular app in the industry of age progression apps, changing photos to old or young. And also this one is mine favourite app too . Face app is so popular, it get viral in March-April in 2019 and its server got down due to high traffic. It has been downloaded million times from playstore so far. You can change your photos young to old and old to young with stylish effects.

What is face app and why it get viral in 2019

2. Agingbooth age progression app

Agingbooth logo
Old look
Young look

Agingbooth is one of the oldest android age progression app available on playstore. This app was released in 2012 and it is downloaded millions time from playstore so far. This app is simple and easy to use for any age people. Agingbooth application is free for android smartphones users. You can take photos from camera or chose from gallery. Apply effects af this aging machine to your selfies and get to know how you would look like after some years. You can also surprise your dear one by sharing these photos. And also make your photos look like old ,young, wrinkle face etc.

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3. Make me old

Make me old logo
Change your style

This age progression app was released in 2012 by app tomando. So check out how old you look after some time. Make me old is very simple and easy to use. So chose your photos from gallery and draw your old photos in just some touches. With this age progression app you can make your photos look like decades older. So you will look like your parents or your grandparents. You can chose white moustaches or beards or hair style to look old. Jut save the photos and share them to social media to surprise your friends. So bro its amazing app.

4. Oldify- old aging booth app

Change your face
Time travel

Oldify- aging booth app was released in 2013 by apptily LLC. This age progression app Available for free on playstore. Just install and see magic. Just choose photos from gallery or take photos from camera. You can change your young face into a aged face. Just you have to chose your age- 40, 50, 60, 70, 80,90 even 100. Its amazing age progression app. You can also record voice or video with your face. Just you have to act as you are a old person. After completing don’t forget to share to loved one.

5. Old face

Change your face
Age conversion

Old face as name suggests it helps you to convert your young photos into old one. This smart aging app was released in 2013 by kar app mobiles. This aging machine actually describes how would you look like in old age. Just choose your photos from gallery and apply effects to the photos. Note photos must include a human face to see effect.

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6. Aging old face camera

Convert your age

Aging old face camera was released in 2017. You can use this smart aging app to convert your photos into old funny photos. When you are getting bored than just open this app and convert your photos to old one . You can choose your friend photos to surprise them. You can use 100+funny masks, goggles ,70 + Stickers and animal masks.

7. Agify : age your face best age progression app

This age progression app was released in 2012 when android was just developing and most of the countries had not even 3G network. This smart aging app helps you to look old if you are wishing how would your face in or after 60. You have to just apply effects to you chosen photos and share them to your friends.

8. Age face make me old

Are you crazy to know , how will you look when you become old or want to see your old face. Then this age progression app ia one of the best app released in 2014. You can make your photos to look old in a few steps . You can chose your age like 30, 40, 50, 60 as you like. One of the best thing is that you can easily recognize your old photos built by this age changing machine. So it feels real photo of yourself.

Age face make me old

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9. Face reading – age, face, sign

This app ia a unique app that tells your complete lifestyle and ofcourse your future. You can get a detailed report of your past, present, and future. This report depends on your shape of your face, nose, forehead, and lips. But don’t worry its report may be fake just like horoscope. It includes a aging camera that help you to make your photo old. You can change your photos to 40, 50, 60, 70,80 year old. So it is the one of the age progression app that change your photos to old photos.

10. Young to old face maker app

This app allows you to convert your photos young to old face. Just download it from playstore and install it. This age progression app helps to predict your 20-30 year later face. So enjoy this application.

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Here I discussed all Top 10 age progression apps for android to look future face. All the face changing app into old are best but mine best face changing app is FaceApp. Ofcourse all the features of this app isn’t free to use but whatever available for free is enough. You can buy additional features by spending money on it.


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