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Top 10 winter snow live wallpaper for android smartphones

Hello friends, this is nature where you have to face every type of season. Normally there are are three types of season, winter, summer and rainy season. Summer is too hot and rainy season is uncomfortable in most of time. But in winter its mine favourite season. Because you can enjoy sun (hot) as well as cold weather. In most of the hill area you can enjoy fresh snow and snowfall. This is quite awesome creature of nature. But most of us can’t visit to the mountain or hill area. So we can enjoy snowfall and snow at your home by installing these Top 10 winter snow live wallpaper for android smartphones. These all snowfall live wallpaper are free to use and may contain some ads.

There are several snow falling wallpaper available on playstore but has selected 10 best snowfall live wallpaper only for you.

1. Snowfall live wallpaper

Snowfall live wallpaper was developed and released in 2010. It is the best paid snowfall live wallpaper which cost cheaper than other paid wallpaper.

To check latest prices just go to playstore and search it. We have chosen only one paid wallpaper among 10 wallpaper. If you want to choose paid wallpaper than this is good option otherwise you can check 9 other free snow live wallpaper. Snowfall live wallpaper is a beautiful live wallpaper.

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You can see snow flakes gently coming down over pine trees. You can experience live covered pine trees with snow. You also can change speed of snowfall, pictures, scenery and much more.

2. Winter live wallpaper

Winter live wallpaper is a very beautiful and charming look. You can download it from playstore for free. This live wallpaper comes with beautiful snow covered trees and landscapes. Snow falls on your screen magically and you feel it is going live.

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You can change snow falling speed, size of snow flakes and other style boy just taping settings. This wallpaper was released in 2013.

3. Snowfall winter live wallpaper

Snowfall free live wallpaper is one of the best winter wallpaper available on playstore. This app was released by blackbird wallpaper. This wallpaper has so may types of images with snow. Snow flakes falls on your smartphone’s screen . Tilt your device to change the direction of snowfall.

4. Winter flower live wallpaper

Winter flower live wallpaper was built and released in 2014. This winter wallpaper offers you frozen 3d objects like flowers, grass, trees, landscapes etc. It feels like real and natural. If you ever visited to hill areas you will see same scene in early morning. This amazing wallpaper is free to use.

5. Snow night city live wallpaper

Snow night city live wallpaper gives you night experience of snow. You can experience snow covered city and different types of wallpaper which shows night view of winter season. Also you can see snow flack falling down on your screen.

6. Beautiful winter live wallpaper

This wallpaper was released in 2017 in winter. This live winter wallpaper gives you unique winter experience with its 40+ 2k HD frozen objects or images covered with snow.

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Beautiful winter live wallpaper is a dynamic free animated wallpaper for your Android phone or tablet.In this winter live wallpaper you can choose over 40 + backgrounds in 2K resolution having winter frozen leaves photos, winter landscapes, frozen flowers, and trees. Install this free winter live wallpaper from playstore and enjoy amazing dynamic effects in any season. the effect of living water that simulates the water surface, waves and water drops, the effect of frozen glass on which you can draw with your finger, the snowfall effect with three different kinds of falling snowflakes, the effect of lights and much more. All effects are configurable, you can easily customize your own ideal winter live wallpaper, which will decorate your phone and will please you for a long time.

7. Snow winter house

Snow live wallpaper is amazing snowfall animated wallpaper. Here you can experience a house covered with snow and shining in the sun. Snowflakes are designed to be original with natural like snowfalling simulation. You can manage the snowfalling speed, size, direction etc simply from settings. This wallpaper was released in 2015 and it is more than 1 million times downloaded from playstore.

8. Winter snow live wallpaper

To see snowfall is a beautiful movement who lives in those area where minimum temperatures is more than 10 °C. This wallpaper doesn’t drain more battery and easy-to-use. You can adjust all the properties, pictures, graphics, and many more from its settings. This app is 4.6 star rated so far in playstore. You can download and install it from playstore just taping its heading.

9. Christmas snowfall live wallpaper for free

Christmas snowfall live wallpaper is a perfect live wallpaper where you can see natural snowflakes falling down on trees and surface of ground. So its time to celebrate Christmas eve and new year.

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You can enjoy this movement by installing the new wallpaper which feels you ……. You can use different types of Christmas lights to decorate your device screen. This wallpaper changes with time . You can see sunrise in the morning and sun set in the evening. At night you can see moon with clouds.

10. Winter forest live wallpaper

This is the last winter snow live wallpaper for android smartphones . This one is also amazing wallpaper. This will show you jungle view where snowfall occurs. You can see an animal. This app is available for free on playstore.

However there are hundred of winter wallpaper related to snow on playstore. We have just select Top 10 winter snow live wallpaper for android smartphones . You can also suggest better one by commenting. So don’t hesitate to comment.


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