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What are the best youtubers video editing Apps

Hello friends, everyone want to do something extraordinary on social media like youtube, Facebook and Instagram by uploading a home made video and also want to know the best youtubers video editing Apps or best youtubers video editor. Because video content is 100 times more stronger than text. You can become more popular and viral over a night just because of a video. Moreover you can earn money just uploading a video on YouTube. There are so many people earning in millions per year because of affiliation and Google Adsense on YouTube.

Now  you can earn money from Facebook by uploading a video. So it’s very important to edit video before publishing it. It means the act of beauty parlor of video can be done by video editing software and apps.

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These days at least every person has a smartphone to shoot video. Only they have to download and install these  best youtubers video editing Apps. There are so many youtubers whose subscribers are in millions and they are still using these video editing Apps. Its very costly to buy a laptop only for the editing the video. So we are providing a list of 10  the best youtubers video editing Apps for your smartphones.
You may be surprised by watching videos on YouTube and asking yourself a question how he or she can record a video with clear and deeper voice without a mistake. Yes, you can do all only using these youtubers video editing Apps.

1. KineMaster video editing app

Kine master is one of the best youtubers free video editing software for android smartphone user. Of course you can buy some special effects  if you want extra paid effects.  But all the basic you need to edit your video is available for free.

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This video editing app was released in 2013 by KineMaster Corporation. You can see it’s popularity by knowing, it has been  downloaded 100 Million times from playstore carrying 4.4☆ star rating out of 5. So most of the user of this video editing software are happy.

So KineMaster is a full featured video editing app for android. It has powerful tool that are  very easy to use, like adding video clips, multiple video layers,  subtitles, special effects, blending modes, chroma key, speed control, transition effect and much more. KineMaster is best youtubers video editing software because all the video uploader like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, marketers, journalists and vloggers are using KineMaster. You can simply download and install it to your smartphone.

key features of KineMaster

  • Voiceover, background music, voice change and sound effect.
  • Supports multiple layers, image, stickers, text even handwriting.
  • Reverse video effect.
  • Crop, trim and splice video.
  • Blending mode.
  • Speed control for fast and slow motion video effect.
  • Export 4k, 2160p video at 30 fps.
  • Voiceover, background music, voice change and sound effect.
  • Supports multiple layers, image, stickers, text even handwriting.
  • Reverse video effect.
  • Crop, trim and splice video.
  • Blending mode.
  • Speed control for fast and slow motion video effect.
  • Export 4k, 2160p video at 30 fps.

2. Vlogit – A free video editor made for Vloggers

This is one of the best second youtubers video editing tool specially designed for Youtubers and bloggers with music and other effect. This app was released in 2018 by wondershare Software Limited. This app has been downloaded a million time in small period of time having 4.1 star rating from Play Store. However this powerful video editing software is completely free for youtubers and bloggers with  watermark. Its controls are very easy to use. You can directly upload your edited video to the social media like YouTube and other platform. Even you can create a thumbnail for your YouTube video here for free.

key features of Vlogit-

  • You can create a eye catching thumbnail for your video for free.
  • Completely free with no watermark and no time limit.
  • Exports in 1080 p with no quality loss.
  • Combine photos and videos.
  • Create a animated video Intro for your YouTube channel.
  • You can add to your videos emojis and stickers to attract more subscribers on YouTube.
  • Add text, voiceovers,  sound effects and background music  to your video.
  • Easily trim, split, merge and duplicate clip.
  • Speed control,,reverse, flip,pip etc effects.
  • Most of the popular international language support.

3 Quik- free video editor for photos, Clips music

This youtubers video editor app was released in 2016 by GoPro and it has been downloaded 100+ million time from Play Store appearing 4.7 star. Quik app is 100% free and you can create amazing video just in few taps. Its fastest, and easiest way to edit videos for YouTube. Only you have to choose photos from gallery and let to do magic. In a few second your photo would be automatically arranged according to the beat of the music with beautiful transitions. You can manually arrange and add transition to your videos after the photos and share them to the social media or YouTube channel.

Key features of Quik video editing software

  • Add 75 photos and video clips from anywhere (dropbox, album, gallery, Google drive etc).
  • Uses AI features to detect mode of photos and video clips.
  • Choose 23 different themes made for different occasions.
  • Easily reorder trim and rotate your photos and videos.
  • You can add your story with text and subtitle.You can even add emojis.
  • Speed up footage or play it in slow motion.
  • Add 100+ free music or import music from gallery.
  • Export video in HD 1080p or 720p with 60fps.

4. Power Director Video Editor for Android

This is the free android video editing app for android users. This app was released in 2014 by it has 50M+ download volume with 4.5 solid star rating. This app has almost all the features of movie editing software. Only you have to download and install it to your smartphone. Just import your raw video from gallery and start editing.  When you finished share it to YouTube or other social media platforms.

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Key features of Powerdirector

  • Export uptown 4k videos.
  • Speed controller to produce fast and slow motion video.
  • Trim , rotate and crop video on single click.
  • 400+ Free Templates,30+ video effects, 40+ transitions effects, 290+ stickers.
  • Create video and photo collages.
  • Add background music or voice.
  • Combine pictures and videos in one Clip.
  • Supports voiceover.
  • Export video in 720p,full HD 1080p and 4k.

5. FilmoraGo- free video editor

If you are looking for an app that feel you like a professional video editor than FilmoraGo is a perfect app launched by WonderShare software in 2015. This app trending with 4.1 star rating with 10M download. It gives you all the video editing possibility from beginning to advance. However you can have to perchance some advance effects but all the basic effects and tools are free to use. It include various types of themes, transitions, trimming, splitting, speed control, dubbing,speed regulation, animations,audio mixing and much more.

Key features of best youtubers  video editing app FilmoraGo

  • Mix photo and video in one clip.
  • Import photo and video from gallery.
  • Import photos and videos from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram.
  • Preview edited video in real time.
  • Awesome Templates and themes in one touch.
  • Find perfect soundtrack and lip syncing.
  • Create reverse video that look like s magic style.
  • Slow down and speed up multiple time in single video.
  • Different types of transitions.
  • Many types of overlay and filters.
  • Different types of text and titles with animation effects.
  • Share your video to any social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, WhatsApp etc.

6. Inshot the best youtubers video editing App

This is another youtubers best video editing software for android and iOS smartphones. This is an all in one video editing app. This app is very popular in youth who like video editing and sharing. It was released in 2014 by inshot inc. This app holds 4.8 star rating which is amazing with 100M downloads from playstore. It also holds “best editor’s choice” rank from Google.

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It is a full screen video editor, video trimmer and video slideshow maker. You can cut, join, split and trim a long video in short video clips. This also have blur feature to blur background of a video or photo. Using this video editor you can add music to video, add text on video, flip or rotate a video and merge video. You can make a video fast or slow.  You can cut a part of video without losing its quality  and share it to social platforms.

Key features of Inshot video editor

  • Video trimmer, cutter, joiner and splitter.
  • Crop video.
  • Merge video.
  • Various types of filters and video effects.
  • Add music to video.
  • Video speed control.
  • Video converter and photo slideshow maker.
  • Add text and sticker.
  • Flip and rotate video.
  • Easy to share.
  • Collage and photo editor.

7. Videoshop-video editor

Videoshop is a best video editor for personal and professional users. This app was released in 2015 by jajejujejo inc. It has 4.8 star rating with 10M downloads on playstore.

special features of videoshop-video editor

  • Trimmer.
  • Add music.
  • Sound effects.
  • Slow and fast video.
  • Merge video.
  • Voiceover.
  • Text, filters and transition.
  • Resize and reverse.
  • Share to social media.

8. Video editor for YouTube video. Guru

This app was released in 2017 by inshot inc. This video editing app is trending 4.7 starting with 10 million downloads on Play Store. This video editing app is specially designed for YouTube video editing. You can create intro videos for YouTube and edit videos with no water mark. This video editing app is very useful for editing videos and its user interface is also very good.

Special feature of this video editor

  • Free video editor and trimmer for editing your videos.
  • Video merger and video joiner.
  • Add music to video.
  • Video speed control.
  • Video compressor for high size videos.
  • Different types of effects and change the background.
  • Colour contrast brightness adjustment.
  • Export HD quality video.
  • Easily share to the social platforms.

9. Video editor & free video maker-viva video

The best youtubers video editing App is Viva video editor. So this app is very popular video editing app that work very fast for editing the small type of video for social media. You can trim or merge video together.  There are 200 + video effects and filter.  Text can be inserted on video for information and also you can create fast and slow motion type video. This video editing app was released in 2013. This app has been 100+ millions time downloaded from playstore and holds 4.6 star rating.

special features of viva video editor

  • Add music to video.
  • You can cut, crop, merge, copy, paste and more.
  • Combine video clips to make video longer with different types of transitions.
  • Add text to the videos with different types of fonts.
  • Blur background for your YouTube and Instagram videos.
  • Share your video.

10. Videoshow video editor ,video maker, photo editor

It is a free video, intro and photo to video creator and editor. Videoshow video has 5 million active user worldwide and 100M time downloaded from playstore. The user of this software has given it average 4.6 star rank. This app was released in 2013. You can edit  and export HD quality video with no water mark.

top features of this app

  • You can edit,merge,trim,split, reverse, duplicate, rotate, blur, collage clips and cut video.
  • You can zoom in and out to Let your audience focus on the region you want.
  • Use fast motion/slow motion to adjust the speed of the video.
  • You can dub video with your voice or music.
  • Reverse play of video.

So these are all best youtubers best video editing Apps or software to edit videos on mobile before uploading the video on YouTube.


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