What is Agent Smith virus and how it affects your android smartphone?

Researchers have discovered a new Malware or virus which has affected 25 million Android Smartphones in the world and 16 million Android Smartphones are affected by this agent Smith virus in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

Agent Smith virus

What is Agent Smith virus and how it get in contact with our smartphones?

Agent Smith virus is ad showing Malware which comes from third party infected apps like 9apps, porn sites, or from other websites. When we download or install any apps from third party apps it get installed in our phone automatically with that app. Other sources are sharing apps, when we share our apps or receive apps from shareit app than that infected app with agent Smith Malware comes to our phone.

Why people uses third party apps to install the apps?

Users like third party apps instead of play store. Because there are so many apps which are banned in play store however they are much popular among people. Also these apps user interface is good than play store and also no need to make any account here. You can install any apps without opening any account. But incase of play store, you need a gmail account .

How agent Smith virus harm our smartphones?

When our phone get infected with this Malware. It completely decodes smartphone’s apps. It converts genuine apps to malicious apps And create a false apps which looks similar to genuine Google apps like ‘Google updater, Google theme ‘ something else. It puts it’s codes to genuine apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, opera mini etc. It prevents the apps to update and you can’t update it manually. Now it controls all . Now you would see so many ads as compare to earlier. Your personal data may be hacked or leaked.

Which apps are infected by agent Smith Malware easily?

This Malware is so powerful it has spread all over the world in small period of time. It can affect any type of apps. But some apps are more likely to be infected by this virus. WhatsApp, Facebook, opera mini, UC browser and some photography apps or gaming apps.

Which smartphones are affected by agent Smith Malware?

In first investigation Samsung is the most attacked by this virus. Samsung smartphones are 30%, mi 10% and oppo%, vivo 5%.

How hackers hack our smart phones

How to know our phone is infected by this virus?

First of all you would see so many ads playing on your screen. There would be pop up ads, banner ads, text ads, video ads etc one after one continuously. Some time your phone may hang or get warm due to heavy load. Your phone would use high data. These are the some signals of this virus.

Precautions to avoid agent Smith Malware

  1. Never install the apps from third party apps like 9 apps, porn websites, or other unknown websites.
  2. Always install apps from play store
  3. Avoid installing the apps from the shared apps like shareit.
  4. Always keep an eye on permissions while opening the apps.
  5. If your phone is infected with Smith than hard reset the phone.


I think it was complete information about agent Smith virus. Now you can be aware all these types of Malware. Your phone is smartphone but you need to be extra smart .

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