What is cloud computing ?Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

Hello friends, in past years there was no such a smart technology like cloud. There are so many terms of cloud, such as cloud computing, cloud hosting, cloud storage etc. Today you will read these major terms of cloud technology. You will read cloud computing and advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing in this article .

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing
Cloud computing

What is cloud ?

Cloud are not those which we see in the sky. But in the term of technology, cloud refers to the internet. Such as cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud hosting etc.

What is cloud computing

First of all you should know how computer works. A computer generally have a hard disc, a processor, ram and a graphic card. We can store any type of data like photos, videos, software, files, or other content in the computer. And we can access these all anytime you want. But in the case of this type computing ,the major all component of computer hard disc, ram, processor, graphic card, discussed above is placed in somewhere else. On remote servers. All the user can get there files, photos, videos etc through internet via a unique link.

In simple language it is a simple process by which we can access computer and its resources over internet. We don’t store our dat on hard disc of our personal computer. We save or get back photos, videos, files or install software and play game remotely. You don’t need to carry your computer anywhere. Only you need to connect your computer through internet from anywhere in the world.

For example we usually watch videos on YouTube or upload and download photos from Facebook. Many of us thinks these files are on Facebook or YouTube. But actually these files are stored in their cloud server. We can access these computer by clicking on Facebook link or other links. Only we require a internet connection. This process is called cloud computing. Also you should know advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. We are discussing below.

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Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

Advantages of cloud computing

There are so many advantages of cloud computing. However we are discussing some main advantages of this type of computing.

1. Cost savings

You don’t need to buy all component for your IT infrastructure. You have to only pay for service providers. These days you can purchase cloud computing services at low price for small businesses.

2. Reliability of cloud computing

It is more reliable than home based IT infrastructure. Cloud service providing companies provides 24x7x365 and 99% guarantee. So its more reliable than home made IT infrastructure.

3. No need of Maintenance and hardware.

Since your total data is saved on cloud you don’t need of any hardware and don’t need to take headache of maintenance of your system. All the headache of maintenance would be cloud service providing companies. You can manage your precious time in other work and can make more productive.

4. Easy to back up and restore

Once data get stored on cloud , you can access it from anywhere from the world. Also restore your data in one click. Because your data is saved in multiple copies on cloud servers. So you don’t worry about data backups.

5. You can access your data over internet from anywhere

As we know You can get and modify or manage your data online over internet anywhere in the world. You don’t need to carry your databases wherever you goes.

Disadvantages of cloud computing

Every thing has some issues or disadvantages. Here in case of cloud computing has also some advantages as we discussed below.

Always needs a internet connection to access data

Now as we know all about cloud game, it is totally dependent on internet and its impossible without it. You should have atleast a active high speed internet connection to get full benefits of cloud service.

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Cloud providing company have to serve so many clients. Sometimes we have to face temporary downtime due to high volume of users. It may be due to other factors such as low internet connectivity, loss of power supply in data centers, data center under maintenance or due to other technical issues. At this time we can’t access our System. However the chance this type of error is 1%.


Cloud server are very far and managed by other companies. These days many companies data has been leaked over cloud platforms. However they give guarantee of security but hackers might hack your data using internet and other tricks. So You should be careful all about your security as compared to the home based IT infrastructure because your data is stored on cloud online.

Limited access

In cloud you can’t get full access. You can’t do anything without consulting cloud providing companies. Because all the process of cloud services are managed by cloud providing companies remotely. You have to work according to their terms and conditions.


Now you have read all about cloud computing and advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. Over all discussion cloud computing is better than establishing your own data center. 90 % of big and popular companies are using computing. And the drawbacks of cloud computing is negligible. You can get it on affordable price range.