What is firework app ?

What is firework app?

Firework app is a fastest growing social media app where you can share short videos. This app was built and released in 18 April 2018 by former employees of snapchat and LinkedIn app, Jerrry Luk and Vincent Yang under Loop Now Technologies, Inc.

Firework app works similar to TikTok and likee app as it allows user to upload 30 second short video or you can create a new video using inbuilt camera feature.

Firework app created video

According to the firework data, it has 1.8 million installs in iOS and 55% are from US. Firework claims it has 2 million registered users across iOS and android platforms.

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You can download firework app for both apple iOS and android platforms.

Download firework app for free

Official website of firework


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