What is tik tok? why tiktok banned in India?

What is TikTok?

Tik tok is a shot video maker app. You can here edit short video up to 60 seconds. Here you can choose a music, dialogue, or it may be other sound. You have to do acting on it . Now you can share it anywhere in social media. It was started in 2016 in china. Later it was launched globlly in more than 75 languages. In 2018 it gained a significant users. It became most popular and most downloaded app in USA and globally. And it has 500 million active users worldwide. Only in India 30 -40 million users are currently active. So question arrises why tiktok banned in India?

Special feature of Tik Tok

  • Create a video where you are.
  • Apply a music or voice related to your video.
  • Tons of voices, musics, dialogues are available .
  • So many filters like slow, fast or masks etc.
  • Share or like anywhere to anyone in social media.

Why TikTok banneed in India?

Tictoc is open source free software and user can download it from playstore. There is no restrictions on making or sharing a video clip. It is built for teenagers mainly. But Madrass high coart decided to bane TikTok in India by the petition of Muthu Kumar.

In petition its said this app is allowing pornography, changing mind set like blue whale game,and it disturbing Indian culture in youngsters.

TikTok vanished from playstore

Its 16 April 2019 TikTok now it is vanished from Play Store you cannot neither download nor search Tiktok on Play Store. Now it’s Banned totally by the order of Supreme Court of India. However you can download from webstor anywhere or you can get a shared TikTok app from your friends. If you have installed it already from playstore you can use it .

What would be the impact of supreme court’s order on android apps

Obviously TikTok has done a blunder mistake and ITS loss would be 40% of total users .You can think the loss of TikTok. But other app developers have to think about how to run their app in special countries like India where pornography related material is totally nontollrable.

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