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Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?

Hello friends, in this article we have written all about Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?. Every one should know all differences between flagship and midrange smartphone. These days many smartphone are releasing day by day by different companies in the world. Every one want to buy a flagship phone. But these phones are extremely costly and the cost of midrange phones remains half of the flagship phones. Read this article completely and you will have a complete answer of this question. We are giving some tips to justify Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones.

Three types of smartphone according to the price.

  1. Flagship smartphone
  2. Midrange smartphone
  3. Budget smartphone

What are flagship smartphone?

First of all you should know which phones are flagship smartphone. Flagship smartphone are those phones in which latest technology or trading technology is used. In simple language flagship phones are those phones whose price world be around 50,000 minimum.

What are midrange smartphone?

There are so many smartphone making companies that are focusing on midrange smartphone phones. These smartphone price remains around 20,000 to 40,000.These phones usually uses latest technology.

What are budget smartphone ?

You can buy these smartphone around 8,000 to 15,000. These smartphone are usually most popular and solid by companies in 2018. You can find average performance in these smartphone like battery, camera,processors , ram, internal memory etc.

Finally now you have good knowledge about what is differences between flagship, midrange and budget smartphone. Now it is easy to understand Why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?

Midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones here are justifications below.

Price of flagship smartphone are very high.

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The price of flagship phone is very high. Some time the price of flagship smartphone is equal to price of a top bike. Definitely you will get better service or performance in flagship smartphone. But if you compare the price between flagship and midrange smartphone ,the price of flagship smartphone doesn’t justify its price. Because price of these smartphone are 3-4 times higher than midrange smartphone and the service and performances only 1% additional . Sometimes the camera quality and design are more popular than flagship smartphone. So flagship smartphone doesn’t provide value for money as compare to midrange smartphone do.

Quality of midrange and flagship smartphones are about to equal.

Nowadays the companies are making good quality midrange smartphone. We can directly compare the quality of both smartphone and we would find there are not much differences between to these smartphone. We would see differences only on price of these handsets.

Most of the midrange smartphones are similar to flagship smartphone.

Here is the example of these smartphones lets take midrange one plus 5T and flagship smartphone samsung galaxy note 8

Technology One plus 5Tsamsung galaxy note 8
Processor Octa coreOcta core
Storage128 GB64 GB
Ram8 GB6 GB
Display 6.1″6.3″
Battery 3300 mAh3300 mAh
Camera 16 MP+20 MP12 MP+12 MP
Finger printYesYes
Quick charging Yes Yes

For complete information

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You can also see also pop up camera feature, on screen finger print sensor,AI technology, wireless charger, NFC, notch and curved display etc which is supposed to be latest technology, you can find in midrange smartphone.

At the end before buying a smartphone you should know that if you want to show rich status than you should buy a flagship phone and if you want to just use your phone for your purpose than you should buy a midrange smartphone and save money.

Now you have good knowledge on”how These days flagship smartphone are only the waste of money and why midrange smartphones are better than flagship phones?

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