How to create new post on WordPress

When talking to wordpress its main function to create a first post. Its seems to be easy but not for beginners who just started blogging on wordpress.

How to creat post on wordpress

First you need to you click on dashboard and go to post then new post it looks like this showing in the image

WordPress menu 》post》 new post

After adding title you can write your own post but you make sure whatever your post title would be permalink of your post. However you can change it from permalink settings.

Now you can start writing your post. For creating post you can use classic editor or you can use page builder. There are so many page builder like elementor page builder, beaver page builder and many more. But all plugin has its own style of writing. So if use simple writing that choose classic Editor. It comes with wordpress no need to download any plugin. If want something special than install elementor it’s all drag and drop.

Main point on post section


You will have to choose a heading for your post. It should be reader friendly because Google will use to rank your post.


Select category for your post. You can create new category. You will have to creat category for your post. So that reader only read the appropriate category.


Enter 3-4 tags related to your post. You can add tag as you can. But its not good for seo. So you have to add only 3-5 tags only.


Here you can allow reader to comment . If you want reader comment on your post than you have to enable this option.

How to create new post on wordpress
How to create new post on wordpress

After finishing your post go to publish button and click it

Now your post is live

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How to create page on wordpress for blogs or websites

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How to create page on wordpress for blogs or websites

How to create page on wordpress
How to create page on wordpress

How to create page on wordpress

When you install wordpress first time. Any one may have different ideas on one’s mind. But you don’t need to worry. We will guide you how to create page on wordpress. First you open the wordpress site loging in in admin pannel. We especially show you on mobile because every person have atleast a phone to develop a website.

Here is the screen shot of dashboard of wordpress. You can see here so many type of button on left side of menu itoms. You can see here page option. Go to page option and click on it. You will see here two option :-

How to create page on wordpress
How to create page on wordpress

All pages

Add new page

All pages you can see here all pages options on your website. That may be published pages or pages on your draft or you scheduled for publish in future.

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Add new page :- Here is the main point “how to create page on wordpress ” when you click on add new page you will see new page where you can enter new page name as seen below.

You can see here, how new page appears on clicking add new you can enter new name in the place of home .after you finish click on publish button on the right corner .

How to create page on wordpress
How to create page on wordpress

Think before you publish page

When your page is incomplete and not ready to publish do not click on publish. You can make it on schedule mode or save it in draft. When you finish your typing work and your page is ready to publish then you can publish.

What happened when you publish a page again and again

When you publish a page again and again. it affects idexing on google. Actually what happened when you click on publish button immediately it can be viewed world wide and meanwhile all search engines like Google Yahoo bing indexes your pages to their site. When you edit your page or delete your page from your site it shows en error 404 content not found because you cannot delete from google.

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